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Something’s cooking

My niece dressed as Martha Stewart at her office for Halloween this year. An essential part of her costume?

An apron.

I realized when she posted a pic that I hadn’t worn an apron in years and have only owned one in my entire life — an apron that I made in my home economics class in high school.

snoopy apronIt looked much like the one at left, except mine was constructed out of blue denim.

It featured Snoopy and Woodstock and the dog bowl, too…and I think one of them was holding a sign — appliqued, you understand.

I got an ‘A’ for my sewing job…and I think I could probably still pull it off today.

Not sure my cooking skills would make the same grade.

What’s in store?

I think I speak for most Manhattanites when I say –

Space is at a premium.

staircase drawersSo I am particularly impressed by these staircase drawers – an ingenious way to use previously wasted space to store everything from shoes to clothing to linens to pet food to bulk items…you name it!

I obviously get excited just thinking about them. features step-by-step (he he he) instructions so you can make your very own staircase drawers.  I’m not sure I would try something this ambitious, but iffin you wanna, here they are.

Now, if I only had some stairs….

Rubber band, man!

I’m a homeowner who tries to be handy. When that fails…

I call Ed.
stripped screwSo I loved this tip I picked up on the Interwebs about dealing with stripped screws. (If you’ve known this for years, bear with me because it bears repeating for folks like me.)

To remove the stripped screw, simply place a rubber band over it.  Then  use your screwdriver to unscrew it.

The rubber band should provide enough grip for you to ease the screw right out.

You’re not reading this anymore, are you?  You’re taking care of all those dodgey screws in your house!

Sorry, Ed — we’ve got this one.

Frequent flier

Thirteen years ago, Rory and I made our first airplane trip together — from Kansas City to Craigsville Beach on Cape Cod.


As we arrive home tonight from Kentucky — on what is easily Rory’s 30+ flight as an ‘in-cabin pet,’ I never take for granted his zen presence and sunny predisposition that make him an easy, breezy traveller.

Good dog.

Sticky art

What have you done with push pins lately?

Rob Surette created a portrait of Jesus.  It’s 5.5 x 4 feet in size.  It took him six months and 24,790 push pins to finish. The price tag for his creation?


As we say in the country, good lord.  Wanna see it?

You gotta admit, that’s pretty cool. But what’s really surprising is all the push pin artists that are out there. Rob isn’t the only one sticking it to the canvas (and the buyers).

Take at look at these other fine examples.

Here’s a display made of push pins:






…and here’s another portrait:










Well, stick me with a pin and call me impressed.

Head case

I’m looking at world through frog’s eyes
Looking at the world through frog’s eyes
Looking at the world through frog’s eyes
And you can just hop off!

My apologies to Heywood Banks.  And you can buy the frog hats, too.

(You know you want ‘em.)

White Christmas

I attended a way fun holiday party last night with an unusual twist:

The hosts used only napkins, cups and plates that could be placed directly into the compost –  very smart, very green.

Unfortunately, paper products of that ilk aren’t green…or any color, for that matter.  Composting means they can’t contain dyes.  So the party ware was of the decidedly winter white variety.

It was worth it.

But if you prefer color in your paper products, get a load of these! Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and tissues by Renova in the brightest of the brights!

I love these vibrant, saturated tones.  The toilet paper pictured here is made of 100% virgin pulp, is very soft and absorbent, and is tested under “dermatological and gynaecological control.”

Ya gotta admit, it looks pretty cool.  And it’s also available in black, green, orange, and purple.

White Christmas?  Not necessarily.  (Can’t wait to see Nana’s face…)

Hats off

Ever feel like you’re wearing too many hats?  Perhaps it’s time to make yourself a new one.

And what better day than today — Annual Make a Hat Day!

Yep.  That’s an actual holiday, folks.  I read about it on the Intertubes, so you know it’s true.  It’s apparently very popular in pre-school, kindergarten and grade school classrooms.  Kiddies love making hats as crafts projects.

Why do they get to have all the fun?

I think we would all benefit from a little headpiece handiwork.  Whadda ya say?  Are you ready to hit the pause button on your usual 9-to-5 routine, strap on the hot glue gun and dream up a tempting ten gallon topper?


Okay.  Meet me at Target.

Lovely litter

I’ve often heard people say Manhattan is a ‘filthy city,’ but I just don’t see it.

Maybe that’s because Justin Gignac is selling all our garbage.

Justin is an artist based in Soho.  When a colleague poo-poo’ed the importance of package design, Justin took it as a professional challenge.  He grabbed the one thing no one would ever want to buy and packaged it in such a way that they would.

Garbage of New York City was born.

It’s real trash from the streets of Manhattan, although Justin swears it’s odor-free. Each cube is dated and signed by the artist.

His first cube came from Times Square, where I’m sure you can collect some seriously gross garbage, iffin you’re of a mind.

He’s also made special edition cubes — at equally special prices — for such righteous refuse as Obama’s Inauguration and the Yankees Victory Parade.

Who would buy garbage, you ask?  Some 1,300 folks from over 29 different countries to date.  And really, isn’t it a far more artistic way to recycle than rinsing out milk cartons?

So, during your next family vacation or theatre weekend in New York City, be better than souvenir t-shirts or a miniature Statue of Liberty.  Demand clear cubes of certified New York City waste products — your friends will love ‘em!

And my neighborhood will stay minty fresh…

Too much

So I was vegging out on the couch, in a Sunday morning coma, watching 50 First Dates.  A good start to the day.

Then a commercial for “Martha Stewart Pets” came on.  Really?  She’s trying to take over the pet market, too?

Darn that woman.

But I go online to look, so the ad worked.  And of course, the products are well-designed and pretty, if you like Martha’s color palette.  (You can check them out on

More exciting to me, though, was my accidental find via Google of Martha Stewart Pet Rocks.

Just look at them!  Only Martha could take pet rocks to a whole new level.

I mean, that turtle is a piece of art.  And I can think of someone in particular who would love those frogs.

I may make the doggie door stop for myself.   We’ll see if mine ends up looking like a dachshund or a dalmatian. But Martha has posted the “simple” instructions online.

Don’t you just hate her?