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Truth in advertising

I recently ordered new chairs for the dining nook of my apartment. When they arrived, I had to perform minimal assembly — attaching the wooden legs and adding some bolts under the seat for extra support.

Now, I’ve assembled a lot of furniture in my day. The packaging and instruction sheet typically leave a lot to be desired.

This one got it right.

The instructions were clear, concise and included an illustration for every step. Most importantly, the teeny tiny parts were clearly labeled and packaged together.

No searching through the box for tiny bags. No trying to match bolts to numbers or hard-to-read graphics.

Easy peasy.

furniture tool kit

So that promised ten-minute job?

It actually took ten minutes.  (Maybe less.)

Tinkle, tinkle

The acoustics in our hotel meeting room today were not ideal.

Microphones popped. Feedback screamed in our ears. And still other presenters were impossible to hear.

But in the back of the room, we were soothed by the delicate clink and tinkle of…


Crystal chandeliers.

Although located high above us in the ballroom, their sway in the air-conditioned breeze was both soothing and unexpected.

Wonder how my living room would look sporting one?

Sliding doors

klemens torggler evolution doorI want this door.

Now, there’s sentence I never thought I’d say.

But once you watch the video below, I’m pretty sure you’ll want this door, too.

Currently only a prototype, the Evolution Door by Austrian designer Klemens Torggler is sleek, modern and requires no floor track to make its way cool transition from side to side.  It also has rounded edges so you or anyone in your house don’t lose any fingers walking into a room.

Seriously, watch the video.  Then join the ranks of people, like me, who –


Broom fortune telling

While I was making my bed this morning — yes, I do, every day — I heard a crash from the living room.  It was sudden, it was loud and it was definitely glass.

Rory Dog and I both rounded the corner at the same time to find…

hourglassMy orange CB2 hourglass shattered  — glass shards and sand scattered on the hardwood floor and area rug.

Rory wisely jumped on the couch for safety.

Now, if I were the superstitious sort (and I think we have established here in numerous posts that I certainly am), this accident would give me pause.

The sands in my hourglass didn’t sedately run from orb to orb — they were thrown through the air, ground into the carpet, and then swept up and thrown in the trash!!

What can this possibly mean?!?!

Nothin’ good.

Rocking and rolling

When I was a kid, people who visited our house were always amazed by all the rocking…

Chairs, that is.

My mom was usually rocking in hers, and my sister would be rocking in the other one. If either of them ever got up, my brothers or I would take over. Suffice it to say, our family room was always rocking.

We gave more than one person motion sickness, just watching us go.

Imagine if we had had a rocking bed…like this one.

rocking bed









We would have never gotten up in the morning!

Bribes accepted here

I flew home from Frankfurt today, and the fine folks at Delta upgraded me to Business Class — a first for me on an international flight.

I hope it’s not the last.

Sure, the attendants are friendlier, and the food is fresher and more readily available.  But the real selling point?

business classSPACE

When you have a nine hour flight, being able to stretch out your legs — and even lie down if you want — is the greatest luxury of all.

Thanks again, Delta, for showing me some love.

How ’bout we keep our relationship at this level…hmmmm?

Please. Stand. Still.

I spent a lot of my childhood motion sick.  Cars, boats, planes, you name it — we just didn’t get along.

But what if the very floor could give you vertigo?

Don’t laugh.  It’s happening.

Researchers in Jersey City, New Jersey have found that high contrast black-and-white carpeting is making people sick.

We’re talking headaches.  Visual distress.  Even seizures in epileptics.

Man…that boat trip is sounding better all the time.

They aren’t exactly sure why a high contrast repeating pattern can give the illusion of motion and make viewers sick.  But based on their findings, researchers do recommend that you give carpet more than a quick glance before you make any purchase for your home.

Your home?  I think this information is even more important for all the planes, trains, and automobiles out there.

Talk about a double whammy!


From time to time, The Sticky Egg not only highlights things that are cool, kitschy or culturally significant…

It points out stuff I simply gots to have!

For instance, in late January, I was inspired by an over-sized representation of a Marvel Comic strip panel that I felt had an important message for women everywhere:

“I simply haven’t met a boy yet who interests me! And until I do, I’d rather walk alone than date just anyone.”

I think I held out a whole week before I ordered that one.

And then earlier this month, I got all excited about the new — well, new to me anyway — iPhone icon pillows being sold by Craftsquatch, a store on Etsy.

I wrote that particular blog entry just a couple of days after my birthday, and mentioned what a wonderful gift they would make.

Well, one of my best friends took the bait, and I am happy to report…

There be iPhone pillows in the house!

Just look at them — it’s like the Marvel canvas and the pillows and my red leather couch were made for each other!

Since you are there for me through the silliness and the surreal, I wanted to celebrate my way cool decor with you as well.

And people say blogs don’t amount to anything…


File this one under “Great ideas I wish I had thought of  ’cause then I would be rich and cool”…


That’s what I said.  Craftsquatch, a store on Etsy, is selling handmade pillows cleverly fashioned in the shape of iPhone icons.

I don’t even own an iPhone — don’t really want one — but I need these pillows.

The Maps icon.  Messages.  Photos.  Phone.  All the virtual buttons you push repeatedly day after day on your iPhone, draining the battery and your connection to reality — now realized as bright, bold pillows for your sofa, chair or bed.

Or, if you’re part of the small, proud minority that doesn’t own an iPhone — but is still a social media addict — Craftsquatch has also created Social Pillows with common icons from the Internet.

The Facebook icon.  Tumblr.  RSS Feed.  Share.  Even the anonymous FB man and woman and Twitter birdie (in your choice of colors).

I only need about 10 of ‘em.

So, if you missed the Egg’s birthday and are in a quandary as to how to appropriately gift me at such a late date…


That is all.

Tick tock

The arrival of Daylight Savings Time seems to brings with it conflicting emotions.

Some folks excited by the late afternoon sunlight.  Others cheated by the lost hour of sleep.

Me?  I’m still changing clocks — why do I have so may clocks — and at the same time, noticing all the cool ones I don’t own!

Yep — daylight savings time inspires me to go clock shopping.  I had eight clocks to ‘spring forward’ on Sunday, so I certainly don’t need more.  But it’s still fun to look at some of the clever designs that are out there.

The Domino Clock

Can you read the time? It’s 12:59.  The first domino represents the hour; the second and third the minutes.  The dots change as the time changes (but they never tumble and fall).

I think telling time with dominoes is way more fun than playing dominoes.

The Aspiral Clock

Don’t ask me how this one works.  Somehow a ball rolls down the spirals that make up the clock’s frame and tells you the time of day.

I’m not sure a clock should tell you the time and blow your mind…but this one does.  It also comes in lots of cool colors, which is even more important.

The Skull Clock

And for something completely different…a clock that is perfect at Halloween.  Perfect for that brain surgeon in your life.  Perfect for your Southwest decor.  Perfect for your foyer when you want to scare kids aware from your house.

And it tells time.

I think I can easily justify changing nine clocks next year.