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This just in…

time eat butt













Wow. Crack me up.


I forgot yesterday.

I forgot to write a post.

Since I launched The Egg almost five years ago, I haven’t missed a day.

Until yesterday.

I have great excuses: A packed schedule. Business travel. Lack of sleep. Or do I have…a brain cloud?


It almost got Tom Hanks in the movie classic Joe vs the Volcano.

Clearly I need a really great steamer trunk.

(This only makes sense if you’ve seen the film. Don’t want you think the cloud is upon you…or is it???)

Where have all the BBQ corn chips gone?

It’s not a silly question — it’s a timely one.

national corn chip day

Today is a national holiday devoted to this salty, crunchy, life-altering, lunch-completing, yummy snack.

Sure, I’ve eaten a few.

Personally, I prefer the BBQ variety.  But for some reason — I’m thinking all those healthier choices crowding the snack aisle — BBQ corn chips are harder and harder to find in my neighborhood bodega and grocery store.

So today’s post is my personal plea to Frito Lay, a company I have helped keep in business over the years:

“I want more.”

What makes it all better

My cold won’t go away.

It’s been two weeks.  I don’t mean to be rude, but…

LEAVE already.

I felt poopy all day but had to work hard. With congestion. And coughing.

This sounds like a job for…

ditch plains friend picklesFried pickles.

Thanks, Ditch Plains.

Cold whisperer

Rory and I were walking around the neighborhood yesterday,  seeing if  anything had changed while we were in Montauk,  when I sneezed three times.


Per usual.

A friend was walking by and witnessed the sneeze.

“Are you sick?”

“No, I just sneezed.  I always sneeze three times.”

“Sounded like a sick sneeze to me.”

“Oh, I doubt it.”

Well, this morning my throat is scratchy and tight. My head is achey.

That man has mad skillz.

Conquering fears (with lots of help)

Today I survived a closed MRI.

For someone who is intensely claustrophobic, this is a red-letter event.

ClaustrophobiaI did my homework on the procedure, so I knew what to expect.  That’s why I opted for an open MRI when I needed imaging on my left shoulder a couple of years ago.

But an closed MRI was the only option today, which meant I had to face my fears.

I began by taking a light sedative, at my doctor’s advice — to take the edge off.  And the technicians were great, walking me through the device and the actual procedure step-by-step.  But the greatest help during what would have been 30 minutes of hell?

A series of mirrors that bounce images in the exam room back to me, so I always felt like I could see the outside world clearly…regardless of my position within the tube.

Hey — mind games are welcome here.


Well, I did it. I bought a whole watermelon at the store.

And now I have five pounds of regret in my refrigerator.

watermelonI usually spring for the over-priced containers of pre-sliced melon. I know they are gouging me, but it’s convenient…and I can eat that much.

Sure, that monstrosity in my frig was a bargain, but once I cut it — I’m gonna have to eat it all…or end up throwing half of it way.

Guess what I’m having for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days?




The Sticky Egg has a bad headache.

We’re gonna pop some Advil.

See you tomorrow.

Splash mountain

I’m not a doctor, but I play one in today’s post…

Feeling down?  Lethargic?  Watch this clip:

I watched a rerun of Wipeout during my lunch hour yesterday and laughed myself silly!  It was the perfect pick-me-up.

Try it!  You’ll like it.

No accounting for taste

Do you find it so stressful to shop, cook and clean dishes that you would rather not eat all?

Rob Rhinehart does.

rob-rinehart-soylent-576km061713He’s a software engineer in Atlanta who found it hard to find time for all food-related activities.

But he did find time to research what nutrients his body needs to survive and created Soylent, a drink mixture of vitamins and minerals.

Now he drinks Soylent for 90 percent of his meals. He doesn’t find the nutrition drink boring and has actually lost the taste for other foods…although he does say in his blog that he still enjoys sushi.

I’m guessing his taste buds have surrendered…

Or just don’t have the strength to complain.