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Ain’t gonna take no static

I live in New York City and am a Time Warner Cable customer.

That means, when I return from Atlanta Saturday and try to watch the episode of Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that I am DVRing tonight, I may be greeted instead with….











If the goobers from CBS and TWC can’t come to an agreement by midnight tonight, that is.

You guys had better get your sh#t together…’cause if I miss my Craigy Ferg –

Heads are gonna roll!

Thank you for your attention.

Fits to a tee

This is not the first rainy Saturday afternoon that I have spent with a golf tournament on television.

animated golf puttBut it is the first time in memory that I’ve watched two golf tourneys.

At the same time.

The PGA Tour is at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas; the Senior PGA Championship is being held in St. Louis, and CBS and NBC are providing coverage head-to-head.

It’s cool.  I can monitor both…

As long as they don’t synchronize their commercial breaks.

Here come the players

After what has seemed like an endless hiatus, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is back tonight (or early in the morning) with new shows in their brand-spanking-new studio.  I’m really excited.

You know who’s not excited?


Craig likes to joke that the CBS brass don’t know he’s on the air.  That he can get away with the nonsense that he does because they simply don’t have a clue that there is a show on after David Letterman. It’s funny schtick.

I’m starting to believe him.

Tonight’s new Late Late Show is going to be broadcast from his shiny new studio — a studio that was part of Craig’s two-year contract renewal.  One might assume this cost CBS a little bit of pocket change.  So you’d think they might want to promote the event.

A little.

But to date, I have seen nary a promo on TV.  Nothing in print.  Even CBS.com doesn’t mention it, not even on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson page.


Come to think of it — I did get a tweet yesterday.

But I think it was from someone like me, anxious for the shows to begin.

The whole universe…

So this happened yesterday.







The Mars Rover team visited the set of The Big Bang Theory
for their taping last night.

I join geeks everywhere in being equally excited that…

  • real scientists joined forces with TBBT clique, and
  • they’re taping new episodes.

Hurry up, fall season!  Bring on the new shows!!

Star power

Late Monday night on Twitter, Josh Malina (Sports Night, The West Wing) announced:

Today I’m pitching CBS the idea of doing a celebrity version of Dancing With The Stars!

And last night on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson described the new cast as “that guy from that thing…and that girl that you hate to watch.”

Both funny — because they’re so true.

If you’ve seen the lineup for the 13th season of DWTS, you’ll be hard pressed to put names with faces for many of the so-called ‘stars’ without first reading their bios.  Or are the professional dancers supposed to be the stars this season?

I think they have more name recognition.

Now, I’ll admit most people know who David Arquette is — if not from his acting work, then from his recent and very public marriage troubles with actress Courtney Cox.  And Carson Kressley, of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame, has kept himself in the spotlight with other hosting gigs and a clothing line (and just generally being entertaining as all get out).

At the other end of the spectrum, Nancy Grace is well known for being a particularly repugnant ‘news’ personality.  And Chaz Bono – while not a celebrity in my book — has certainly made headlines with her (his) gender transformation.

But the remaining contestants?  Reality stars (or brothers of reality stars).  Names you haven’t seen on television for years.  Names you’ve only seen as ‘the girlfriend of’ a celebrity.

Names you won’t know at all.

I guess A-listers aren’t fighting to get on the show like DWTS would have us believe.  Or they don’t want to work so hard.

Perhaps they should rename the show Dancers Are the Stars?

Russian revolution

I love Ray Romano.

And apparently, so do the Russians.

The sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, which was loosely based on the lives of Romano and producer Phil Rosenthal, ran for nine seasons on CBS.  It was nominated for the Best Comedy Series Emmy seven times and won twice.

When they decided to end the series in 2005, it was still in the Top 10, a spot it had occupied since its third season on the air.

Exporting Raymond is a documentary that opened in very limited release in movie theatres last Friday.  It follows Rosenthal’s efforts to produce a Russian version of the sitcom… which is probably even more difficult than you would think.

And really, really funny.

This isn’t a documentary about Ray Romano.  He’s not in it, except in copious clips from the sitcom.   This is Phil’s baby, and he — who I had never seen on camera before — is hilarious in his own right.

He’s wide-eyed and nervous and tentative.  I definitely saw flashes of Woody Allen in his manner (thankfully without the annoying stammer).  But when it comes to Everybody Loves Raymond and helping it come alive for the Russian audience, he is strong and certain and somewhat single-minded.

Goodness knows he runs into obstacles.  The studios there look like bombed out buildings.  The writers and actors are doing two or three shows simultaneously and have extremely limited time and resources.  And the people ‘in charge’ bring somewhat questionable expertise to the table.

It takes a translator, vodka, a kindly driver, a real Russian family, more vodka, and a bit of give-and-take before the pilot episode is complete.   The entire process is really fascinating to watch.

So, how was the Russian version of Raymond received?  I shouldn’t tell you the end.  (Let’s just say it lives up to its name.)

Be heard

If you’ve read The Sticky Egg with any regularity, you’ve got a strong stomach…and you’ve also probably noticed my girlie crush — veering on obsession — with Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show on CBS.

What can I say?  He moves me.

On last night’s program, Craig opened the show by discussing his latest quandary:

Should he put the earring back in his left ear?

Craig removed the jewel when he started hosting the show six years ago, and had planned to start wearing it again when he turned 60.  Apparently yesterday morning he felt 60, so he popped it in…but then just as quickly took it back out.  He didn’t think it looked right.

Personally, I’ve always thought an earring on a man in a suit looks a bit out of place.  If a guy is going to wear an earring, it seems like his entire wardrobe should be a bit more casual.   So, if Craig were to start wearing his earring again, I would think his on-screen clothing would need to be reevaluated.

But that’s just me.

What do you think?  Vote in my online poll below, and I’ll share the results with Craig’s producers, who I’m sure will react accordingly.

(Oh yes…they read The Egg.)

Battle of the network stars

Premiere week for the fall television season is still a month away, but people are already talking trash on Twitter and Facebook about some of the shows going head-to-head for the first time on the schedule.

One match-up of particular interest to me is Thursday nights at 8:00pm — NBC’s “Community” vs CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” which is making the move from its previous home on Monday nights.

When I first heard this announcement, I got kinda stressed.  It’s not like I’ll miss either show; I have a DVR, so I’m covered either way.

The real question is — which sitcom will I watch LIVE?  Which show do I want to get the bigger slice of the ratings pie?

“Community” was one of my favorite new programs last year.  It was strong right out of the gate, and the characters and story lines just got more laugh-out-loud funny as the year went on.  I mean, seriously — did you see the paintball episode?  And Abed’s impressions alone are worth a look-see.

“The Big Bang Theory,” on the other hand, has been around since 2007 and is grossly underrated.  Jim Parsons, who so brilliantly portrays Dr. Sheldon Cooper, has received his second Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy this year, and I think he just might snatch it away from Alec Baldwin.  The show deserves a nod as well.  It’s one of the few comedies that is still filmed old-school (with three cameras) and is  frickin’ hilarious.  They love their geeks, and it shows.

So, who’s my choice to win?  Old friends vs new?  Cool dudes vs geeks?  Live vs Memorex?

I’m glad I still have a month to decide.

Sheldon. Sheldon. Sheldon.

A couple of months ago, Facebook was full of doppelgangers.

But none as impressive as the one Friday on my very delayed flight to Dallas, American flight 2708, seat 10A.

Not mine – Jim Parsons’, the actor who plays Sheldon, on the brilliant “Big Bang Theory” on CBS.

I noticed him briefly at the gate.  Actually, his boarding pass caught my eye first, because he was in the seat next to mine.  (Once inside, I realized the aisle separated us on this tiny aircraft.)

But once I got a look at him — bazinga!

He was a slightly younger, paler version of Parsons.  He sported the same super-short brown hair; the tiny, round head; and the tall, rather frail body frame.  He was even dressed a bit like Sheldon, sporting wire-rimmed glasses that fit the character to a tee.

I was ready to chat with him – ask him if people told him he looked like Parsons, get a photo as proof – but then he started acting like Sheldon!  He turned toward the window and didn’t interact with anyone the entire flight – the nerve!

He did carry on a rather large book and placed it in his seatback pocket.  This, I thought, is where our hero will either destroy the illusion or bring it home…

About halfway through the flight, he pulled it out and began to read.  I peered at him through the curtain of my hair — a science fiction anthology!

…and that’s when I heard a big bang!

Good TV…good boy

I was IMing with a friend yesterday who said his co-workers were walking around the office like zombies.

Mondays can do that to you.

But thanks to the joint programming efforts of ABC and CBS, I look forward to Mondays — and more specifically, Monday nights.

Call me crazy. (Crazy.)

On Monday night, ABC has the high-rated show of the season:  “Dancing with the Stars.”  (You heard me right.)  This year’s group of celebrities was the riskiest casting to date, and they have certainly produced.  Plus, the judges are being super harsh…which is way fun to watch.  (AI, take a note.)

There’s no need to turn the channel when the music fades, either.  The stars of ABC’s “Castle” have made this writer-meets-detective drama a best seller.  Love that Nathan Fillion.  (And if you happened to watch Jimmy Kimmel last night, you saw that Fillion is really, really funny. Get that man a new movie!)

Of course, CBS is no slouch on Monday nights, either, and thanks to the great god that is the DVR, I always spend my early Tuesday mornings catching up on “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother.”  These two comedies couldn’t be more different, and funny?

OMG — last night episodes were classic.  I could tell you what they were about, but it would only ruin it for you.  Look them up online.

And then get ready for the return of “GLEE!” tonight.

I love good television.