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Wait Until Shark


Yeah, I’ll bite.









I’m half-watching it right now.

I say ‘half-watching’ because the Twitter and Facebook commentary about Sharknado‘s flaws and scientific inaccuracies is more entertaining than the film itself.

And if you are laughing at the title Sharknado, producers The Asylum  have also brought  Sharktopus, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, and Two-Headed Shark Attack to the big screen.

I wonder what is next?



The Shark Knight?

(c) Carla Curtsinger


I have tennis on the brain this week. Or as Geoff Peterson would say –


tennis ballsI’ve been watching the French Open as much as humanly possibly on this side of the drink.

I bought my tickets to the US Open yesterday — one of the best things about living in New York City — through the American Express advance purchase sale.

(Because membership has its privileges….)

And I am already looking forward to watching Wimbledon over the Fourth of July holidays right here at home.

I hear rumors on Facebook and Twitter that the NBA playoffs are going on somewhere, but seriously — how can people even think about ‘pro’ basketball — when there is so much tennis going on??

More time to goof off

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Twitter? Google?

Wanna spend less?

Personally, I enjoy my hours online…but I wouldn’t mind being more efficient about it.  If you feel the same, check out this amazing infographic from quintly.com.  It’s loaded with keyboard shortcuts — who knew?? — that will help satisfy your social media habit a whole lot faster.

Note: The Egg cannot boast such fanciness. But I’m working on it.


Why, hello there

Today was a tired day.

I got home after midnight following a business trip to Dallas, and was too wired to sleep.  So I ended up only getting four hours.  That made Carla cranky.

Then I saw this guy.

king dukeKing Duke lives at The Gentle Barn, a nonprofit organization in San Clarita California that rescues, rehabilitates and gives sanctuary to severely abused animals.

I follow their work on Facebook and encourage you to give them a look as well.  It is inspiring.

And just one look from the King helped put my day back in the plus column.

Taking to the skies

I stole this image from my cousin’s Facebook page.


She was encouraging her children not to feel the need to follow what everyone else is doing — to strike out on their own.

I couldn’t agree more.

But here’s another thing to keep in mind — not only do we see the lone bird first, it’s far easier to take a shot at him.  So if you take a different route, be prepared to defend your choice.

(Don’t worry — it’s totally worth it.)

There’s a cold front a’comin’

What’s up with Dairy Queen?

They seem as fascinated with natural disasters as Quentin Tarentino is with blood and gore.

mudslideI’ve never really thought about it until today, when a friend posted a picture of a DQ Mudslide (left) on Facebook.

Looks tasty.

But then I realized DQ has Mudslides.  And Blizzards.  And Earthquakes.

And it makes you wonder what naming guru at DQ — or their agency of record — associates really bad weather with ice cream treats?

You gotta admit, it’s weird.

And probably weirder still that we don’t spare the names a second thought as we cram all that gooey chocolate sauce into our pie holes.

Backwards and forwards

throwback thursdayI read it on Twitter, and Twitter would know:

It’s Throwback Thursday!

That means folks are posting old photos online and celebrating times gone by.

It’s appropriate to mention here because throwback photography of me has found its way on my Facebook page.


Why, you may ask?  Well, let’s just say today is a bit of a ‘throwback day’ for The Sticky Egg.

Here’s to getting stickier and stickier!

It’s a jungle out there

A good friend of mine always celebrates ‘Turtle Tuesday’ on Facebook.

(He posts photos and everything.)

Today I decided to take a tour of the Interwebs…to see for myself if it’s truly ‘all about turtles’ on Tuesday.

tigerRawwwwr contraire.

This little guy — and a few of his older and wiser friends — informed me it’s really…

Tiger Tuesday

And I am certainly not going to argue with that.

I’ll let you know if David changes his mind.

What I learned on Facebook today

You know how you see something and think it’s a joke…but then it turns out to be a real thing?

That happened to me today on Facebook.

A good friend posted this cartoon:

flatulence filtering underwear

I like a good fart joke anyday, so I could appreciate the humor. But then I noticed the logo and “Flatulence Filtering Underwear” at bottom right. That’s a joke, too…right?

Not even. It’s real.

The logo belongs to Shreddies, which manufactures flatulence filtering undies for men and women. These specially-made garments contain activated carbon cloth that help filter and eliminate odor.

Shut the french window!

Food stereotypes

Freshdirect.com, my favorite website for ordering groceries in the neighborhood, posted this ‘goodbye to summer’ today on Facebook.

I love the sentiment — the poster’s graphic look and feel, too.

But they can’t honestly be suggesting that my popsicles, fudge bars and toffee crunch bars — all reduced fat and sugar-free, of course — should be packed away with my summer clothes and flip flops….

Not even.

I find popsicles refreshing year round.  They are the perfect light dessert — that little taste of sweet that doesn’t linger compared to heavy cakes and pies.

They aren’t seasonal.  They’re sensible.

Of course, I feel much the same way about soup — love me some soup any time of year, especially in summer.  When the AC is cranked in public buildings, soup is the best way to warm up.

Turning up the thermostat also works.

Let’s give food a chance.