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Secret lives

Two logos –

Hilton Under Armour

Hilton and Under Armour.

Am I the only one who sees the amazing resemblance?

Does this mean that, underneath the shee-shee image the Hilton is trying to project, they are secretly wearing he-man underoos?  Or are all those burly men sporting Under Armour out in the forest secretly jonesing to spend a spa day in a quilted robe drinking cucumber water?

My vote?


Raise your hands

There may still be questions about the United States’ participation in the Winter Olympics in Sochi…

go usa mittens

But the team has my support!

Want your own way cool mittens?  Go to TeamUSAShop.com to support the US athletes in Russia.

Then we can meet on the street and do the secret Olympics handshake (which I don’t know, but I’m hoping you do).

Bleeding blue

My 2014 started off with a sinus infection. So while I was lying low at home, I decided to crack open one of my Christmas presents –

sixth man

The Sixth Man movie on DVD.

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries of late, courtesy of HBO OnDemand, but this is the first one on a topic that I know so intimately –

Growing up a UK Wildcat fan.

The producers look at the fans from every angle, talking to current and former coaches, players, TV and radio announcers, and the fans themselves.  At times we fans appear merely passionate, other times borderline psychotic.  But as even the celebrity fans they interviewed attest, being a UK fan is more akin to religion.

The film revisits some of the pivotal games in UK history — and the fan reaction — so, of course, Christian Laettner’s fateful shot in the UK/Duke game is discussed at length (but not shown because we have all seen that damn thing enough for one lifetime).

Laettner himself appears in the documentary and apologizes for his place in UK history.

Still hate him.

It’s just beginning

Yes, it was in the opponent’s basket.

But ya gotta admit — this accidental shot by UK Wildcat James Young in last night’s exhibition match against Montevallo is one for the ages.

Now, that’s how you save a ball from going out of bounds…

Wake up, duffers

I was in Boston the past five days sans DVR. That meant no late night talk shows in the morning.

Oh, the humanity.

Since I can’t really stomach Today even more, I started channel surfing and discovered a different kinda morning show–

Morning Drive

morning driveIt’s a morning show on The Golf Channel.

They talk golf, and only golf. Just golf. Lots of golf.

I like golf, but even I was fascinated at the minutiae of golf they discussed.  And maybe they were starting to feel the same way, too.  Because earlier this week, they did a live shot from their own parking lot…

…to expose the bad parking job of Holly Sonders, one of the hosts.

What does this have to do with golf?  On the surface, nothing.  But to the Morning Drive team, it gave insight into her golf swing.

Okay, then.

I’d watch these ads in reruns

Pro golfers are not shy about doing product endorsements, and during the Presidents Cup TV coverage this weekend, I’ve seen a plethora of them. But the awards for Funniest, Most Unique and Best Use of Likeable Personalities all go to the same advertiser –

Mitsubishi Electric

Maybe they felt like they had to go above-and-beyond because their products aren’t of the golf world. If that’s their thinking, all I can say is…

Well played.

Presidents Cup Captain Fred Couples


Champions Tour member Fred Funk

Head and shoulders above

I’ve been watching Golf Channel’s coverage of the Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio.

Best seat in the house if you don’t have a ticket, right?


tiget woods squirrel

Rush out and see this

I’ve never watched Formula One Grand Prix racing, so I wondered if I could love the film RUSH as much as the critics.

Never doubt Ron Howard.

RUSHHis retelling of the 1976 rivalry between racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda simultaneously celebrates the sport and rises about it.

Yes, there is amazing driving footage, and Howard chronicles the races and locations of their real-life points race.  But the differences between these two men — in looks, personality and approach to the sport — and their very complex relationship is the most compelling part of this movie.

And when you see photos of the actual Hunter and Lauda –

Real RUSHYou realize what a tremendous job casting director Nina Gold has done.

Wave the checkered flag, people.

Take me out to the golf course

I have often argued that, when it comes to televised sports, golf is way more exciting to watch than baseball.

And now I’ve got numbers to prove it.

golf playerbaseball player







In a Wall Street Journal stop watch experiment, an average three-hour baseball game contained roughly 18 minutes of actual action. They defined action as anything going on — any pitch, any fake pitch, even the meandering home run trots around the bases.

The rest of the time was split, on average, between down-town between pitches (1:14:49), time between batters (33:39) and time between innings (42:41).  And they clocked more than one game, guys.

(Then they probably fell asleep.)

Pants off dance off

When I see a photo like this one, from this year’s British Open…

REUTERS/Toby Melville

I can kinda imagine what the policeman at the precinct across the street from my apartment think when they see me, late at night, in my wild PJ’s walking Rory.

At the very least, it’s entertaining.