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See for yourself

My blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds of late have been filled with praise for The Bridges of Madison County, which ended its too-short Broadway run this past Sunday.

I was fortunate enough to see the show twice, including its final performance.  But for those of you who were not able to attend — and perhaps have smiled indulgently at my near-obsessive behavior — I wanted to give you a taste of the quality performance I enjoyed.

Here’s Steven Pasquale performing “It All Fades Away” for the studio recording. (The note at 3:20 literally fills  your head during the live performance.)

Baby boy dance party

I loved the musical sketch “Boy Dance Party” when it aired on Saturday Night Live way back in October.  Bruce Willis and all the guys dancing around the living room while the girls were away?

Instant classic.

If possible, it has been made even better with the addition of a very enthusiastic toddler.

baby body dance party








His parents won’t let people embed the video, but you can still enjoy it on Youtube.

(I like the kid way better than them.)

Attention getter

In my business writing seminar, I often get on a soap box about the resume cover letter. It should be the most persuasive bit of writing we do; instead –

It is often dull, template-driven drivel.

soap boxHere is an opportunity to sell the finest product we know — OURSELVES — and yet most of our cover letters put the reader to sleep.

Grab their attention, I tell students. Make your letter stand out from the 500 others that will probably cross the HR director’s desk. Show you did your homework and write the letter just for them.

I was reminded of my usual rant when Jamie Casino’s law office commercial went viral on the Internet.  (It aired during the Super Bowl, but only on the local Atlanta station.)

Casino could have produced your standard law office ad, and no one would have remembered it.

But this one has the world talking.

Grab your water bottle

I don’t cook very often, but I wouldn’t be much of a Sticky Egg if I didn’t share this way cool video on separating egg yolks:

Is that whackadoodle or what?

I may have to make a cake!

Space cadet

If you watched Conan last night — or this morning on DVR like me — you saw his interview with astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, who recently retired after his return from a six-month stint on the International Space Station.

While he was there, he conducted experiments on the impact of low gravity on human biology.

But that didn’t score him a guest shot on Conan.

No, Hadfield used Twitter and Facebook to chronicle life on the space station in video and pictures.  In fact, his cover of David Bowie has received over 18 million hits on Youtube.

Let’s add a few more.

Easy laughs

I was doing a Google search for I-can’t-remember what and ended up on a page of gag reels on Youtube…movies, TV shows — you name.

What could be more perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon?

I have selected one of my favs for today’s post — Easy A.


It’s just beginning

Yes, it was in the opponent’s basket.

But ya gotta admit — this accidental shot by UK Wildcat James Young in last night’s exhibition match against Montevallo is one for the ages.

Now, that’s how you save a ball from going out of bounds…

Go with the Flo

I love Flo, the Progressive insurance lady.  And as they say on the awards show…

She can thank the writers.

They have done so much with this character.  Every time I see a new commercial, they have gone a step further and given Flo more fun stuff to do other than simply hawk insurance.

Exhibit A: “Chick Flick”

The finger to the lips bit makes that spot.  When I produced e-cards for Hallmark, we called that the ‘zinger.’

Can you spot the zinger in Progressive’s latest ad?

Exhibit B: “Stand by You”

“Is there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program?”


Safety is fun!

Move over, Southwest Airlines.  There’s a new contender for ‘funniest in the air.’

Delta Airlines

Their new safety video is filled with sight gags large and small.  I’ve seen it on two flights, and am still discovering all the little surprises they have left for the attentive viewer.

juggling chainsawscartwheelsMy favorites?  Bogus safety stickers featured on distant cabin walls.  Sure, we are used to observing “No smoking” and “No electronics”…but “No juggling chainsaws” and “No cartwheels”?

(The video version on my flight also featured “No comb overs”, which I sadly could not find online.)

A robot turns himself off when the cabin door shuts.  The main spokesperson changes clothing and accessories for no apparent reason. And remember the “cat lady” who did the previous safety video for Delta? She makes a cameo, too.

It’s worth a watch or two or seven.  I’ve never enjoyed a safety video more. Or, in fact…

Watched one.