Look up!

A big shout out to the team behind Halls cough drops on this chilly winter day.

I spied your new ad campaign lining the subway cars here in New York City as I rode back and forth to Penn Station yesterday — inspired!

If you’re in Manhattan, you can’t miss it.  It’s as plain as the nose on your face.  In fact, you could say they’ve taken a real hard nose approach.  Might get a few noses out of joint, too.  Hey — no skin off my nose…I’m just saying.

Guessed the focal point of the campaign yet???

(I’m so subtle.)

Halls has taken photos of people whose noses are — shall we say — fairly prominent, and through a combination of clever angles, shading and an entertaining smirk or two from the models, have somehow elevated the red, miserable, snotty nose to a thing of glory!

These photos, which have been colorized to the point of graphic art, treat these sufferers as proud soldiers in the fight against the winter cold.  It really is a fun, eye-catching display.  And since Hall bought an entire wall of each subway car, you are treated to literally five or six different winter soldiers, male and female, red noses at the ready.

I couldn’t help but be excited…not only by the clever idea behind the campaign, but for the actors in the photos.  Up to this point, their bulbous noses must have been a negative in their careers.  But this time?

Their big bulbs got them the gig.


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