Self-fulfilling propaganda

Ya gotta love

The website that religiously follows all things celebrity — and that I therefore follow religiously — recently polled its faithful, asking “Who is the most overexposed couple of 2009?”

Not surprisingly, Jon and Kate Gosselin, the reality show parents of eight who became even more irritating and media-saturating when they separated and subsequently divorced, were chosen as the number one overexposed couple by 56 percent of Popeater’s voting public.

(They easily beat out last year’s winner of this dubious honor, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who managed a measly 22 percent of the vote.)

Now, online polls are fun.  I usually take them — heck, I probably took this one.

But in this particular instance, I have to wonder if the editors of stopped and thought:  if our readers already consider these couples overexposed and are sick of hearing about them, should we do a poll that will result in another article highlighting the couple, reviewing their year in the news, and giving them yet another platform for media attention?

Did anyone really think this through?

Of course, you could argue that this very blog is giving these gross offenders yet another few column inches of space…and you would be right.

Damn.  They got me, too.

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