DV-no R

I can Skype live with someone in China for free, but Time Warner Cable’s DVR can’t shift forward to record all of “Saturday Night Live” when football coverage runs long?

Come on.

This week’s show, hosted by Charles Barkley with musical guest Alicia Keys, was going along swimmingly.  I don’t know when I have laughed as consistently and as hard since — well, since Justin Timberlake or Neil Patrick Harris hosted last year.

And then, dead air.  The “Would you like to Save, Delete, or Restart?” buttons appeared.  And there was at least another 30 minutes to go in the show.

Now, I know I have many options available to me to catch the sketches that I missed.  NBC.com.  Hulu.com.  Any number of web blogs that will attempt to link to the sketches — and be successful for a few days — until NBC pulls them for copyright infringement.

But it’s the principle of the thing.  If my DVR is high-tech enough to know when the TV show is playing in the first place, it should be savvy enough to know the show has been pushed back because the Cowboys game ran long.

Nuff’ said.


2 responses to “DV-no R

  1. That stinks; thankfully, I’ve never had that problem. I have DISH Network and love it because they have the best DVR. It has even received CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award and PC Magazine Editor’s Choice for Best DVR. Not only that but as a DISH employee, I know that DISH has the DVR with largest hard drive in the industry so I don’t have to delete recordings to make room for new ones all the time.

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