Biblical proportions

‘John sinks James.’

‘Tearjerker takes down technology.’

‘Love kills the blue people.’

(Sorry…I couldn’t resist.)

Even I was stunned to see that “Dear John,”  the latest weeper from Nicholas Sparks , had taken over “Avatar’s” seemingly permanent Number #1 position at the Box Office.

It actually makes sense.  Most of “Avatar’s” target demographic was occupied with the pre-, pre-pre-, and pre-pre-pre-Super Bowl analysis, followed by the actual game and post, post-post, and post-post-post-game summaries.

And then, of course, there was the Super Bowl commercial viewing and analysis as well, both live and online.

The Super Bowl, if you do it right, can take a good three days.

Alas, “Avatar” was its victim…this weekend, anyway.  I’m sure its box office sales will bounce back for the balance of this week.

But beware, little blue CGI folk:  the Olympics are headed right your way.

And “Dear John” will be there, tear-stained tissue in hand, to pick up the pieces of your shattered audience.

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