Canada, aye?

Before the Vancouver Winter Olympics began — has it really only been four days? — I had an ‘acquaintance’ relationship with Canada.

I traveled to Nova Scotia on vacation more than a decade ago and loved it.  I have been to Montreal and Toronto on business and have found both cities beautiful.  But I’ve never spent any real time learning about the different provinces of Canada or their culture.

Well, NBC’s Olympic coverage has taken care of that.

And I have to say, I’m really starting to bond with Canada.  When they won their first Olympic gold medal in their history as a host country, I cried along side all the natives of the Great White North.

Plus, they have these charming little identifiers that tell the world they’re Canadians no matter where they are — “aye” and “about”  (pronounced “aboot”), to name two.

Which made me wonder: what tells the world that I’m an American when I travel abroad?  Or any American, for that matter?  Do we say or do anything that says to the world “American”?

(And if so, is it something positive?)

‘Cause I’m loving the Canadians!


One response to “Canada, aye?

  1. Ha! Great post, eh? Actually I don’t think we actually say eh that much, as much as we are known too, but then again, what do I know aboot that.

    Thanks for your kind words about Nova Scotia. I work for Nova Scotia Tourism. More than 10 years ago, eh? Well you’ll have to come back soon. Or maybe I should say (as we think American’s might say) Ya’ll come back now!

    Seriously though, thanks for saying such nice things about Canadians! I’m really proud of the way Vancouver managed the Olympics, despite a few bumps in the road. And it was nice to be supported by our neighbours (Canadian sp) to the south 🙂


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