I am entertained by the online indignation surrounding the iPad storyline in last Wednesday’s episode of “Modern Family.”

Maybe I have become immune to product placement in movies and TV shows, but I thought Phil’s obsession with getting Apple’s new gadget on the release date — and his hilarious steps toward acceptance when he thought he would have to wait a week instead — were perfectly in keeping with his character.

Using an actual product like the iPad as subject matter is one of the things that keeps “Modern Family” topical.  So, I think we should all just relax a bit.

I actually think “Modern Family” missed an opportunity at taking a swing at the product’s truly awful name.  Whether the show renamed it for the episode or simply referenced the disturbing images the real name brings to mind, I would have appreciated their point of view.

Apple, more so than ABC or “Modern Family,” deserves a slap for that one.

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