Sweet tooth

Everyone loves chocolate, right?

(I don’t…but most people do.)

Then I heard food artist Prudence Staite had created a Belgian chocolate sculpture that, in theory, has everything necessary to bring me over to the dark — or milk chocolate — side.

I couldn’t wait to see it.  Then I did.

Really, Prudence?  Is this the best you can do?

You take a face that photogenic and that attractive, and you turn it into a chocolate bust that could very easily be confused for Mozart, Medusa or any number of serial killers at the post office.

Granted, your chocolate tribute — the brain child of LoveFilm in the UK — was designed to give one lucky person the chance to take a bite out of oh-so-popular Edward Cullen of “Twilight” fame.

If the likeness had been better, the winner might have been tempted to keep it forever preserved on a shelf.  But I’m pretty sure they will go ahead and start chomping.

It might even look more like RPatz when they are through!

One response to “Sweet tooth

  1. Maybe it got all melty in the car.

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