It’s all in the…

I have decided to subscribe to Details.

First, they print the controversial cover story featuring RPatz surrounded by naked models and discussing his allergy to female anatomy.


Now, they have multiple covers featuring the men of True Blood — in various states of undress themselves — to promote the serie’s third season which begins June 13 on HBO.

Clearly, this magazine knows what I like.

Vampires?  No.  Really, really good-looking men.  And beautiful photography of those same  men.

(The articles don’t suck either.)

I’m sorry; I don’t mean to sound shallow (which I am).  I’m just glad that certain magazines realize that women — and some men —  like to look at men, too.  Goodness knows that magazines have provided lovely images of women for years.

So, thank you, Details, for treating the men of “True Blood” like equals.

Of course, if I were ever lucky enough to meet them, I would be most interested in their personalities.


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