Happy Mutters Day

Rory and I had barely gone 10 steps on our morning walk today when I heard my name called.  It was my next door neighbor Mark returning from his morning Starbucks run.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” he cried.

Mark is a big fan of Rory’s, so I took this in the spirit intended.  We chatted for a few moments, and then Rory and I continued on our way toward Central Park.

During our meandering walk on this bright, chilly morning, I was wished a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ by several people — some I knew, some I didn’t.  It made me realize how much people’s attitudes towards pets have changed over the 11+ years Rory has been in my life.

When I adopted him in January of 1999, he was the first dog I had ever had of my very own.  The first dog to ever live in the house with me.  (Remember, I was a country girl — dogs lived outside.)  Together we experienced doggie day care.  Dog insurance.  Dog walkers.  Dog sitters.  Dog outerwear during the winter months…and the joint decision to not wear dog clothes ‘just for show.’

The more my relationship with Rory developed, the more it felt like a mother and child.  I mean, I know it’s different.  He’s a dog.  But he’s my dog.  And he’s pretty darn special.

So, thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes.  They are most appreciated.

But, as you all know, Rory is the real present.

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