Junior who?

I’ve heard of people naming their kids after their parents, their grandparents or good friends…maybe even a celebrity or two.

But a dog?

Yep.  4BoyMom is pregnant with her fourth child and wants to name him Jasper, which was the name of their dog and “first child,” who passed away some five years ago.  One of the main reasons she is considering the name is that they have moved away from the town where they had the dog, so no one in their current city will make the connection.


Granted, dogs are some of the best people I know.  And I am the first to blur the lines between the two.  But even I have to admit…this is one family story that would be a little difficult to tell around the Thanksgiving table.  And how exactly do you document that on the family tree?

Personally, I’ve questioned friends who’ve reused the same dog name in their family.  (For example, they’ve had Oscar I, II and III.)  To have both a dog and a human named the same thing in the same family?

Creepy.  Weird.  Crosses a line, even for me.

(Rory agrees with me, by the way.)

One response to “Junior who?

  1. Tina Morrison

    I’m with you! That is weird. And I personally do not like naming a dog “Oscar II”. That really demeans the second dog.

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