Otherwise engaged

After being lucky enough to be in the studio audience yesterday for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” my friend Leah and I wandered the city, in search of the perfect post-show place for drinks and dinner.

Obviously, Manhattan is an embarrassment of choices; that’s why it took blocks and blocks to settle on a rather touristy final destination: the Heartland Brewery near Radio City Music Hall (because their burgers really are very good).

During our long walk — which didn’t seem long at all because it was such a gorgeous night — I was reminded of another evening in New York City, long before I moved here, that ended up at that ultimate of tourist’s traps, the Hard Rock Cafe.

I was working at Hallmark Cards then, and we were launching a line celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Saturday Night Live.”  To speed along the approval process — usually handled via snail mail — we brought all 100+ cards to New York City and met with the SNL Creative Director ‘live.’

In one afternoon, we received approvals on all 108 cards with only four changes.  It was somewhat of a record that I’ll bet still stands in the Hallmark Hall of Licensing.

Somewhat giddy, we headed to Hard Rock where we did many, many shots and, by evening’s end, I found myself engaged — in name only — to the very married director of the licensing design studio.  (He’s never made good on that proposal, by the way.)

And people wonder why I decided to move here…


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