Softer side

During a marathon errand-running session on Saturday, I stopped at my new favorite gift shop, Stoopher and Boots, located at 79th and Amsterdam on New York’s Upper West Side.

My friend Stephanie has an amazing array of eclectic gifts for kids, dogs, adults too. While I was checking out the latest finds — because there is always something new and fun every time I go in — she handed me one of the new baby bibs she has in stock.

Now, I wasn’t really looking for one at the current moment. But one touch and, man, I almost bought one just to put on my pillow. It was the softest thing I have ever felt in my life.

Which begs the question: why are all the softest things reserved for babies?

I agree that newborns deserve the best of the best after their shock of a delivery into this world.  Babies are cute as a bug, so why would you not give them cushy comfort?

But, be honest:  do you have any memories of those early days?  Wouldn’t some softness now have a tremendous impact on your quality of life?  We’ve been through hell to get to our current age — don’t we deserve that same softness, if not more?

But no…we drape ourselves in rough, ‘natural’ fibers and exfoliate our bodies down to the bone with sand, pumice and stone.

Why can’t we just give ourselves a break once in a while…and strap on a super-soft bib?

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