Bad boy

“Dancing with the Stars” may be on hiatus — and a dark, sad time it is — but mirror ball trophy winning pro Derek Hough is still making headlines,  this time for his moves off the dance floor.

I’m such a gossip.

And that’s exactly what this is.  Our Derek has gone and gotten himself involved in a celebrity marital scandal across the pond that mirrors the Tiger Woods fiasco.

Ashley Cole, a British soccer star, was caught cheating on his wife Cheryl when she discovered nasty text messages on his phone from the women he was sleeping with.  (Sound familiar?)  Apparently Cheryl is in a British pop group called Girls Aloud and appeared on the ‘The X Factor.’

Where does golden boy Derek figure in, you ask?

He and Cheryl danced together on a British Christmas special last year, and then he popped up again in the ‘Parachutes’ music video.  But his recent appearance outside Cheryl’s hotel room in Los Angeles in the middle of the night has everyone talking.  The photographers caught him, but he just smiled and hugged his puppy dog.

Derek, Derek, Derek.  Before you danced with and dated that evil Shannon Elizabeth a few years ago, you were a good boy.  Then the changes began.  You got snippy with the other dancers.  You whined to the voters.  She turned you into a…a...celebrity.

When the news broke that you two split, I thought you were cured. But it looks like some of the sickness remains…’cause now you’re bad.

Bad, bad, bad.


One response to “Bad boy

  1. It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.

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