Stand and deliver

I have my issues with Apple.

They make innovative products — I’ll give them that.  Their really cool looking gizmos do most of the stuff they’re supposed to do.

But they repeatedly rush their products to market under a blaze of brilliantly constructed advertising — honestly, no one does marketing better — and when their products fall short of what was promised, they totally suck on the customer service end.

There was the pre-order debacle — as in, people couldn’t get through to place one.  Now in-store inventories are low.  And lines to get the iPhone 4’s that are available at the stores are ridiculously long.

Apple’s poor follow-through even drove perennial everyman Jason Bateman of “Arrested Development” to pull the celebrity card and cut a 2,000-person long line at a Los Angeles store to get his iPhone.

He got booed when he left.

And what’s this?  There’s a yellow tint or line on their much heralded display.  More seriously, if you hold the phone wrong, you might not get a signal.  Pardon me…I hold my cellphone at the bottom, like a normal person.

I’m not hurling all this bitterness at Apple because I was stuck in a long line waiting for my iPhone.  I use a Palm Pre quite happily.

I just want Apple to realize that customer service is the other side of marketing.  If your can’t deliver on the BS you’re selling…

Don’t sell.


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