Fresh fish

Oh dear.

The Sticky Egg has discovered an unfortunate connection to the world of fishing.  As in, ‘sticky egg’ is the name of a fishing fly.

I found this during a Google search last night.  I was checking to see how easy it is to find my blog when you search the phrase ‘sticky egg’…and this fly came up in the first page of results.  (My blog was number two after a prank toy egg…so yes, I’m in good company.)

The name is appropriate, I suppose.  The fly is supposed to imitate fish roe, which trout, steel head and salmon apparently eat ‘with gusto.’

I’m not a big fan of fishing.  The idea of dragging a living creature through the water with a sharp, metal hook through its mouth seems pretty cruel.  I contend that people find it acceptable because fish are ugly.

Think about it.  If fish looked like puppies, would we really celebrate the practice?

But back to this fly.  I just want to make it clear:  The Sticky Egg does not condone nor endorse its use.  The name thing is pure coincidence.

No fish will ever be killed in the writing of this blog.

Just a brain cell or two.

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