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If you are sad that the holiday weekend is over, rest is not.  Today is a holiday as well — National Neither Rain nor Snow Day.

Yeah, I thought it sounded made up, too, but it’s not.  National Rain nor Snow Day celebrates the opening of the New York Post Office building on this date in 1914.

The building has the following inscription:

“Neither snow nor rain not heat nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

A lot of people — myself included — think of this as the United States Post Office motto, but it’s not; it was actually the motto of the Pony Express, which was never a government-funded operation.

I know…as holidays go, it’s not that exciting.  Ask Kevin Costner; he did an entire movie on the topic — it was called “The Postman,” and nobody went to see it (except my brother Kent, who liked it a lot).

But I’m doing my best to extend your holiday weekend — to give you an excuse to stop your work and go home.

So, run!  Be free!  Find a horse and gallop off into the sunset!

One response to “Mail this

  1. I for one liked the movie Postman……my boyfriend looks just like him in the poster!

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