Hair don’t

As someone who works from home — often in jeans, t-shirt and a ponytail — I hesitate to make a bold proclamation on fashion or beauty.  But in matters of business dress, it must be said:

Hair clips are a don’t.

I have long hair, so I use ’em….to pull my hair back when I wash my face.  To section my hair when I straighten it with my hot iron.  To pull my hair back quickly when I’m walking my dog Rory around the neighborhood.

But the plastic hair clip is not an acceptable accessory with a dress or a business suit or any situation where you want to look pulled together.


That’s why this recent photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is especially horrifying.  First of all, she’s wearing the offensive clip with a formal suit and spangly baubles.  Secondly, she’s attending a meeting at the United Nations.

Good God, woman…if I was on a tour at the U.N., I wouldn’t be wearing a plastic hair clip.

And I certainly wouldn’t be wearing it on the tippy-top of my head.  It’s not a crown, Hillary; it’s a clip.  Push her on back…ya know what I mean?

Now, I don’t post this entry simply to poke fun at Hillary.  I respect the work that she’s doing.  I consider it a cautionary tale to all women who have given the plastic hair clip a bit too free rein in their wardrobe.

The next time you reach for it, ladies — picture Hillary at the U.N….and select another hairdo.

124 responses to “Hair don’t

  1. 🙂 Fantastic. I don’t really care about looks. Don’t believe in wearing makeup. And I’m the epitome of fashion-challenged… but even I know *that* doesn’t look good!

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I feel that anyone with hair longer than their ears must own at least a few of these, their great. fast. whatever. however very tacky. she would have done better to use a simple tortious (sp?) barrett. even then, if she wanted the hair out of her eyes, she should have gone with a simple, professional updo as even a barrett would have looked too young on her

  3. thank you for making me laugh today

  4. I thought this was HILARIOUS about Hillary. She really never did have any fashion sense. You’d think with her money and position someone would have had more taste…that being said as another reader and commenter of yours said, unless it was all a political ploy to try to capture the “regular” woman, who is most definitely in Sarah Plain’s camp. If so kudos to her camp if it works and for being that devious, think about it we’re all talking about it. Maybe somewhere some women will be brought over to her camp, thinking she’s a regular gal, with hair issues, who just grabbed her clip and ran, late for work!! Ha, Ha, Ha!! Right??!!

  5. excuse me, Sarah Palin,

  6. the small ones are better…that’s a little to big…I don’t like it. It looks like a cute crocodile just bit your hair 😀

  7. I totally agree! Hair clips look tacky!

  8. This was so funny! It really made my day. I like the fact that you wrote about a total fashion faux pa, but instead of just full on chewing her up and spiting her out, you still did it respectfully. You didn’t just out and out attack Senator Clinton. I appreciate that. But honestly what was she thinking here? This is something that everyone should take note of on what not to do ever! I wonder if she has a stylist since she’s in the lime light so often? I guess it could have been worse. Like Jen-ee-fah said, at least it wasn’t a scrunchie or a whole bunch of little plastic hair clips pulled back into corn rows! Thanks for sharing this it made me laugh. I needed that

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  10. Please please please tell me that’s before the important stuff happened? That looks awful! I hate hairclips and think they’re uncomfortable. But are extremely useful with fixing my hair. And I get a kick when the hubs tries to fit them in his hair.

  11. Mrs. Clinton does love a hair accessory – no one should be shocked by this. Doesn’t anyone remember her hair bands? She had the padded ones and wore them with suits! She’s falling back into a comfort zone. An intervention is needed.

  12. I say just leave it alone, because your not the ones wearing the clip. It’s her hair and I think it’s ok, she should have just put it in the middle and used a different one, like jeweled one that went well with her suit.

  13. hahahaha I totally feel you !!

  14. I look at that photo and think, “WOW! That must have been a horrible hair day. Kudos to Hillary for showing up to work despite her hair crisis.”

  15. Oh!! I always clip my hair with plastic hair clip to my work…. after reading This… I better throw it away…

  16. If I could take a time machine to the 90s, I would fill my head with butterfly hair clips.

  17. Freshly Pressed! Nice observation. A good advice to all women and a constructive criticism to Hillary. She probably needs a fashion stylist knowing that she’s someone who’s on the spot most of the times.

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  18. Here in Japan, many young women have long, thick hair, so the hair clip is pervasive. Many ‘girls’ (not many women) use a clip or flip on top, but usually it is more tastefully back. Also there are a lot of nicer materials than plastic: lacquerware, enamel, cloisonne, metal, wood.

    After seeing Hill’s photo, I won’t sleep tonight.

  19. wow… This write-up has changed the way i look at my hair clips (not that I put it up like a tiara) but now that there’s a picture of someone wearing it, I think I’ll be more careful when I use my clip next time.

  20. Wow. I love Hillary Clinton and even on her best day she’s never been fashion savvy, but this hair-do worn out in public, and at the United Nations at that, is a new low. I’d prefer the headbands she used to wear way back when Bill was first in office (president), to tell the truth. Personally, I liked her hair shorter anyway. Why is she growing it out? The shorter cut was chic, she looked better with it, it gave her hair some height, and also highlighted her eyes, which are her best feature. This “do” emphasizes her sagging chin and neck line, not really so pretty on most of us as we age, and she is no exception. Let’s hope someone who is close to her with more fashion direction and sense saw this photo and talked her into NEVER wearing her hair like that again — at least not in public!

  21. Haha this made me laugh after a long shift. This was an important event and she should have had a bit more class and left the tacky clip at home. Princess Dian never wore hair clips or looked like a mess, and she did amazing work while upholding an air of class and grace ( no matter what she wore).
    Living in Vancouver, I see people at the opera or at a lounge wearing Lululemon/yoga wear or even sweatpants… that’s really the end isnt it? You don’t need to spend hours on your makeup or spend a lot of cash on a fancy wardrobe, but there is something to be said for a well-dressed person who respects the company they are in. ( a nice suit, or something well-cut and elegant.)

  22. I am secretly excited that these seem to be coming back into fashion and not just something you have in your hair when you’re having your stage makeup done or working out. They will surely provide me with many hours of laughter.

  23. You are completely right.
    What was Hilary thinking?!

  24. I agree. Can we say tacky? From a teenage girls eyes, she looks like a mother who had to run to a luncheon and the grocery store in the same hour. think twice ladies :))

  25. So true. I own a salon and those clips serve no purpose, especially in the public eye.

  26. I agree with you – Hillary looks awful wearing that clip. However, I also think that it depends on what the clip looks like, how you use it and especially WHO is using it. It’s not the same thing worn by a teenager/20-something or a 50 year old woman!

    Anyway, I do believe there are more pressing issues than Hillary’s looks we should all be worrying about.

  27. That was hilarious! OMG- I am wearing a plastic hair clip today at my office, actually quite dressed up with a frilly blouse. Call the fashion police! And back in my home country, absolutely GIANT hair clips are all the rage, the size of a small football. I have one! And I wore it to a party!
    Oh- I never write about pressing issues either. I’m with you on that!

  28. Oh dear. Don’t politicians have teams of stylists? How could it be possible that none of those people said “Hey, Hil, it’s not 1996 anymore. Goody lobster clips are not okay. Here’s some bobby pins; have fun with Ban Ki.”

    On the bright side, it’s not inconceivable that a bunch of Ms. Clinton’s image people were recently fired–job openings for people like us!

  29. Congratulations on being featured! Yes, that was not the way to go Hillary. Perharps you need a new hairstylist or a new personal assistant to coordinate your things…LOL, all too funny!

  30. Great post, and I agree. The hair clip has a place, and it’s not with business or formal attire…get a great cut that you can leave down or find a classic, timeless updo. Oh…can we add scrunchies to your list?

  31. :)) I know u got a point girl, but she’s wearing it on the wrong spot of her head, if you place it in the back of your hair -in a way that the clip is kinda hidden, but it makes ur hair neatly beautiful- that’s kinda good I think.

  32. i love this post

  33. Damn, the fashion police have kiboshed yet another of my accessories that is actually able to hold back my ginormous mane ;).
    I do agree that Hil’s clip doesn’t look good, but only because it’s poorly placed and seems completely mismatched with her look. I definitely don’t agree with no using clips in public. I love my clips, I have long hair and when I want it up a pony just doesn’t suffice, so a large clip it is. I figure clip haters are people with short hair, whispy hair or the über fashion sensitive – which as you can probably tell, I am not.

    • I didn’t totally kibosh them in public; I said not with business dress. Hillary with wearing formal business attire, and as you noted, suffered from poor placement. Like you, I have ginormo hair. Clips come in handy!

  34. Gosh, I thought everyone knew the trick to using these things was to use a small one that is the same color as your hair, twist your hair and clip it so the ends are now at the top of your head but they fall back over the clip. It hides the clip and looks like a more elaborate updo than it is. But I guess she was thinking about all that “being Secretary of State” stuff and not her hair.

  35. You’re right; it’s a dreadful look. Thanks for the warning. I don’t use alice bands. Not since I saw Perpetua wearing one in Bridget Jones’ Diary. It’s not a good look on a middle-aged woman.

  36. Preach!
    I’m no fashion fundi either, but more women need to hear this!
    And the same goes for those Crocs… DO NOT wear any further than your own doorstep!

  37. Hi… I totally agree a woman of thaher stature should look a little more put together; she may have been having a hard day or something but leaving her hair down might have had a better effect.

  38. Those should only be used while working out or cleaning your toilet. Period.

  39. I love reading through an article that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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