Fist pump

It happens every year.

“Dancing With the Stars” casts someone who, when first announced, I deem ridiculous — a star I would never like, support or cheer for in any known universe.

And lo, four weeks later, that celebrity somehow has become my sentimental favorite.  The cameras have revealed a funny/unexpected/human side.  I’m nervously crossing my fingers that he stays on the show, even though he isn’t the best or most deserving of dancers.

I say “he” because…it’s usually a guy.

Jerry Springer was the first celebrity to bring me over to the dark side.  He was so much nicer and self-effacing on DWTS than on that embarrassment of a talk show.  He learned this amazing waltz and performed it on the show for his daughter’s wedding — I think everyone was upset when he was voted off the show.

Then Adam Corolla from “The Man Show” appeared on DWTS.  He just acted embarrassed to be there, but then Julianne turned him into a pretty darn good dancer, and he lasted longer than anyone ever thought possible.  Now he’s a regular on DWTS, doing tongue-in-cheek commentary on the celebs each season.  He’s become a real crowd favorite; I’ll bet he enjoys DWTS more than he ever thought possible (plus, it’s been good for his career).

This season?  I’ve found myself cheering for… The Situation from “Jersey Shore.”  (I know.  I just didn’t say it — I put it in print.)

I’ve never watched “Jersey Shore,” so all I know about The Situation comes from heresay in magazines and trash TV.  That hasn’t exactly painted the best picture of him.

But on DWTS, The Situation is humble and funny and appealing and comes across as a really nice guy.  Heck, he didn’t even show his famous abs until last night…and based on what I had read, I would have thought he’d be whipping out those bad boys on Day One.

By the time the votes are tallied tonight, The Situation may well be gone.  (His Argentine Tango was, shall we say, lacking.)  But I just wanted to say — Situation, you’re one of my fav’s.

And I’m as surprised as you are.

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