There is all kinds of love being heaped upon the brilliantly funny “Modern Family.”  And it deserves every drop.

But I’m hoping some of those loyal “Family” viewers are lazily coasting right into the whacked out, wine-soaked world of the very badly named “Cougar Town” which airs on ABC immediately afterward.

Those folks deserve some love, too.

They didn’t come out of the gate as strongly as “Modern Family,” not at all.  The cul-de-sac crew took a little while to find their footing…and that’s okay.  They’ve arrived in a very funny, very fanciful place that bears absolutely no resemblance to the real world.

And that’s why I like it.

“Modern Family” is amazing because it is so true.  Every character is spot on, someone you know or will meet soon. 

“Cougar Town” is family life in some Wonka-like, psychedelic alternate universe that I sincerely hope doesn’t exist…but I sure enjoy visiting.

The name is stupid; the show’s creators realized that about two weeks into the process.  They even considered changing it, but instead are making fun of it in the opening titles…’cause that’s what you do in “Cougar Town.”

If you haven’t visited yet, eat the sword and stop by soon.

I’ll be there.

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