Do you have a celebrity crush?

A writer on was reminiscing about the celebrity crushes she had during her teenage years.  She’s a bit younger than I am, so she was extolling the virtues of such man-boy flesh as Leo DiCaprio, Justin Taylor Thomas, and Ralph Macchio.

Not exactly my cup of joe (but ya gotta love her montage).

I’m sure my teenage crush list would make her cringe, too.  I went through a big Bay City Rollers phase as a child.  (That’s a band, for you younguns.)  I was also enamored with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson during my “Hardy Boys” period.   (I liked Parker at the start of the show and, by the end of the series, had transferred my affections to Shaun.  Teenage girls can be so fickle.)

Once I saw “The Princess Bride” movie in college, it was all-Cary Elwes, all-the-time.  (I finally met him face-to-face earlier this year; you can read about it on The Egg.)

What surprised me most about the CollegeCandy piece was the tone — an almost pink-cheeked, embarrassed wisdom.

“Look at how silly I acted back then” the writer seemed to say.  “How I mooned over celebrities when I was young and impressionable.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I have outgrown the need for such childhood fantasies.”

Not me.

Especially now that I am older, and have endured many of life’s not-so-fun realities  first-hand, celebrity crushes are a welcome respite from the daily grind.

Are they an escape?  You betcha.  Do I enjoy them?  And how!   Is it unhealthy?  I don’t see why.

The real world still has me firmly in its grasp.  What’s wrong with my peering through its fingers from time-to-time and gazing into the light?  Sometimes that light comes from a movie screen; sometimes from the TV.  Sometimes from sports or politics or wherever.  But it’s always someone larger than life.  And better looking.  And just plain fun to imagine.

Oh yeah.  That’s better.

2 responses to “Crushin’

  1. I have a thing for the British celebs. Hollywood stars other than George Clooney do nothing for me.

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