Happiness is

Welcome to The Sticky Egg!  I appreciate your taking time to read my blog…even though you’re probably thinking about something else already.

It’s true.  New research has found that your minds wander about half the time you do anything...and there are two main reasons why.

First, you’re bored.  (Sorry.  I’ll work on that.)  Second and most often the case, you’re stressed.  There’s simply too much going on, and your mind is skipping ahead to the next deadline, the next responsibility.

While the ability for our minds to wander — to daydream, if you will — also tends to make us more creative, the research found that in our day-to-day activities, it’s making us more unhappy.

When we don’t focus on the task at hand, we become less happy with our lives.  Which tells us we should all be doing things that we enjoy more often.

Thanks.  I’ll get right on that.

Oh — can you guess the one activity where people’s minds wander the least?  Where we are the most task-focused and, if you buy the scientists’ theory, the most happy?

When we are having sex.

Wow — I don’t know who paid for this study, but they definitely got their money’s worth.

What a revelation!

The happiness study is on-going.  Wanna be a part of it?  Have an iPhone?  Visit http://www.trackyourhappiness.org/ to learn how to participate.


2 responses to “Happiness is

  1. I used to love my ability to multitask. But I do not anymore, mainly because I can feel my mind wandering and I hate it.

    This is very interesting thanks.

  2. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog, it’s very interesting and thought I would introduce myself, I too started a blog, was the youngest of elderly parents, am officially a 40 something orphan now, and am currently writing about this right now grief stuff, but I am funny too (just on a break with that right now), and thought I would invite you to take a look at my blog when you can. nice concept by the way, your blog, Wendy also known as foiblegal

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