Butt stops here

I’m late to this party, but it’s a fun one.  Here’s your invitation to join (if you haven’t already).


Do you know it?  It’s a clothing line started two years ago by an enterprising student at the University of Missouri at Columbia.  James Winkelmann, Jr. was trying to help finance his education, so he created this parody of “The North Face,” which bears the slogan Never stop exploring.

Winkelmann flipped the graphic — to look more butt-like — and changed the tag line to Never stop relaxing. Then he opened an online store.  The North Face quickly responded with a lawsuit, which was reportedly settled ‘amicably’ in April.  And The South Butt is still open for business.

David slays Goliath again.  Ya gotta love it.

I love the apparel that The South Butt has for sale.  And the name.  And the story behind the Butt.

If you have any last minute Christmas gifts, think The South Butt.  Or if you get any Christmas cash, perhaps a bit of the Butt is in your future?

I know it’s in mine.

3 responses to “Butt stops here

  1. Oh, yeah, gotta love it!! Kudos to the little guy! I hope he’s successful!

  2. oh this girl is getting some tail over the holidays.


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