Snow days

By the time many of you read this, I will be back home in New York City.*

Yes, I was one of the thousands stranded by Snowmageddon 2010.

In my case, I was snowed out of NYC; my flight home Monday was canceled and today — four days later — is my first opportunity to wing my way back home.

It’s my longest layover to date.

But I was one of the lucky ones.  I didn’t sit in an airport for days, waiting for the next available flight.  I didn’t have to bed down in some cheap airport hotel and watch snowy basic cable.  I didn’t even go to the airport the day my flight was nixed.

I simply kept on driving and started Christmas Vacation Part Deux.

Thanks to my sister Lou and brother-in-law Chuck, I was able to hitch a ride to Kansas City and spend a few days visiting my old stomping grounds.

I ate at favorite restaurants.  Did some shopping.  Saw some movies.  In other words, I wasn’t productive at all. No office organization, tax preparation, or housecleaning could be completed from afar.  Instead, I took a real vacation following the hustle-and-bustle of my initial trip home for Christmas.

On Facebook, I reported this turn of events as ‘making lemonade.’  While some mistook this as new code for ‘using the bathroom,’ I was turning a trip FAIL into a big trip bonus.

As usual, the fates knew what I really needed.  See?  There can be a silver lining to the wollop of  Snowmageddon 2010!

Now, to tackle mailmageddon waiting for me at home…

* It is sleeting/snowing this morning in Kansas City.  Crossed fingers…

136 responses to “Snow days

  1. I’m still shocked that NYC has gotten more snow than Colorado (at least the flat lands) this year. We just got our first snow storm 2 days ago! Glad to hear you had a real vacation. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for the story and Happy New Year:

  3. I pretended like I couldn’t get out of my apt in NYC! Good for you- you are so lucky you were also spared sleeping on the LIRR, snowed-in-penn station. You deserve the vacation-because (with all due respect) going home for the holidays can be like work too-and you still need a vacation! You were blessed.

  4. This IS WHAT I LOVE, a positive person being positive. I’ll continue to read your post.

  5. Fun idea for a blog persona! I’m the afterthought, I mean youngest of 4 that came from 2 older parents. I spent my elementary years thinking my parents would never live to see me graduate high school! Thankfully, they’re both still alive. You’re right though, us “sticky eggs” don’t fit any of the psych books. We’re half youngest/half only child, one minute dependent and whiny, the next fearless and driven. Eh, the world is our party to crash! lol.

  6. Haha, I feel bad for those people that didn’t have a good vacation in the cheap hotels, maybe they will read your story and have a vacation next time.

  7. I know. I enjoyed reading your post though. I am a victim too of the NY Snowmageddon. 🙂

  8. I wish there was snow where i live D:

  9. That picture looks like my vehical, only it’s up in Canada @ The airport Park & Fly. Left it there 3 weeks ago . Sure hope I can get it going.
    Hawaii called & I left. Now I ‘m going to pay the piper !

  10. oh nyc, how i miss thee, let me count the ways: amazing food, blunt people, motivation for decades, life, luminosity, oh the list goes on…

    things i don’t miss and couldn’t live without: snow-free days & the beach (nature in general).

    since you’re in the heart, please do tell your favorite restaurants so i may a) live vicariously and/or b) dine in the local spots on a visit.

    Best to you and your continued sharing,


  11. Great post, thank you!

  12. Staying at home, and travelling in the sourroundings (If I have well understood your article) may be, sometimes, much more pleasant than traveling to the other side of the world. Snow is beautiful even if you stay at home, and it is very poetic and amusing to see
    the cars covered by a thik cover of white.
    We all need to re-descover the poetry in litlle things.
    (Excuse me fot my bad english)
    Stare a casa e viaggiare nei dintorni (se ho ben capito) può essere, qualche volta, molto più piacevole che viaggiare fino all’altro capo del mondo. La neve è bella anche se vista da casa ed è molto poetico e divertente vedere le macchine ricoperte da uno spesso strato bianco. Noi tutti dobbiamo riscoprire l’importanza nelle piccole cose. (Scasami per il mio cattivo inglese)
    Paolo Campidori

  13. What a great way to invest in your memory bank account! Instead of being crabby and frustrated, you had a ball! This year Minnesota has had the most snow it’s ever had in a December! We are with you in spirit (at least I am!).

  14. Nice job for having fun, hmm, weird thing to say, but hey, balance is crucial 🙂

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  17. A ‘snow day’ holiday. Makes me want one – careful what you wish for though.

  18. I enjoyed reading this as I experience my own snowmageddon.

  19. Glad you are ok. It is definitely the winter of snowmageddon. This year we got 23 inches in one night, broke our lovely metradome *tear* .. other than that it is winter as usual..aka A FRICKEN TON OF SNOW… we just got some rain to melt down the banks.. now you can see over them, helps when you are pulling out into traffic.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed. Hope you continue to enjoy the winter fun!

  20. lucky u experienced it. 🙂
    seemed u had great time there 🙂

  21. Awesome Man!
    Great story and nice picture.

  22. Snowmageddon 2010?

    I like it! I’m glad to see that someone is able to look on the brightside nowadays. We all seem to forget when we get wholed in my the snow that perhaps it’s the best remedy, a little time without all the hustle and bustle 🙂

  23. TheMalaysianKiwi

    well, at least you didn’t have to dream for a white christmas, no? 😛

  24. Glad to hear you are one of the lucky ones.

    I hope everyone is fine.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. It is incredibly hard for me to let go and have an actual vacation, free of worry and the need to do something productive. Even when I’m at home, trying to relax on the couch, I always have to have my laptop open, to feel like I’m actually getting something done.

    So, this holiday, I did a whole lot of nothing, and tried to make myself enjoy it! For the first time in years, I haven’t had any deadlines to take care of, and it was a really weird feeling to not have to worry about work.

    Sounds like you definitely made a frustrating situation into a spontaneous jar of lemonade!

    Kudos on being FP!

  26. Wow, I loved this! Sometimes taking a break (even if it’s an accidental one) can be so refreshing. Maybe I’ll “accidentally” get stuck somewhere.

  27. nice post! i too had a hectic…but fun snow week last week!!! lol

  28. I love the premise of this blog! Hilarious. In contrast, I was the first born and a mistake. Not sure what you would call that. The Eager Egg?

  29. What a great twist that life threw at you. How wonderful that you could make some lemonade! Ironic how experiences like this can be viewed so differently depending on who you ask. Certainly, you benefited by having the time to enjoy your adventure. Thanks for seeing the cup half full and writing about it.

    Happy New Year!

    Paul Helm

  30. You did the best thing! Remained positive and had a vacation. Kudos to you for taking the time to relax and refresh. Happy New Year!

    Deb Verville

  31. acrankywomansview

    before I read you FB-ed “making Lemonade” I thought, “way to make lemonade” 😉 awesome! glad you got to have a break after the “break” of christmas and have some fun while stranded!

  32. Wow, what a turn…
    I wish I can be as creative as you were if something like that happens to me…

    well was it your sisters fault or was it your idea as well?

    • When I couldn’t get through to the airline by phone or web, we both decided that it would be better to hang at my sister’s house than an airport hotel. Great minds… 🙂

  33. Sounds like the movie “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”

  34. I can relate, I live in South Wales and we were snowed in for almost a week it was so bad!

  35. Well it’s hard man ,since many have never headed south…but I’ll be watching you…as for me 2011 is marked by my new web site:

    I’m not yet sure it’s famous enough as your blog.
    Happy new year.

  36. Snow!!

  37. I liked your comment about people thinking it was a code for….something else. *snicker*

  38. I like your information.Thanks a lot …

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