Steam cleaning

The Sticky Egg has the flu.


And as with most cases of the flu, I feel feverish and tired and achy.  I’ve been thinking about how great a massage would feel. Of course, I don’t think a masseur would want anything to do with a client with the flu.

How rude.

Perhaps I should skip the massage and go for a newfangled spa treatment that has just arrived in the United States. It’s a freakish thing called chai-yok.

You sit on a open-seated stool and steam from water infused with mugwort and wormwood and other herbs is blown into your nether regions.

It’s purported to increase fertility, get rid of hemorrhoids and fight infection, although doctors haven’t exactly gotten ‘behind’ the spa treatment.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can go to a spa and steam your private parts.  If not, there are at-home kits available.

Perfect for flu-y folk like me.

13 responses to “Steam cleaning

  1. I hope you fell better soon, have a very nice 2011 😀

  2. The idea of accidentally braising one’s private parts is scary. Nevertheless, interesting post! 🙂

  3. This reminds me, I need a flu shot!

    And congrats on your Fresh-Pressedness last week. I was FP in December and all stats after that day look pretty pathetic. 🙂

  4. i love your intro btw, i laughed so loudly. anyhoot…about freaky spas, there is a new coming that has come out in hong kong where hot wax from candles are poured onto your body and then the masseuse will start rubbing, it supposedly gives off SM feel while the rubbing is realxing, hmm…

  5. I hope you’re feeling better… Steam clean sounds so good to treat the flu – however, I had no idea we could steam clean our private parts. I wonder if it’s really hot and burns?

    I just switched from blogger to WordPress, and I’m thrilled to have found your blog:)

  6. Wow, think I’d just stick with a great massage. Hope the rest of your year is much healthier.

  7. Congratulations! So far this is the weirdest thing I have read this year. And I have no desire to try it.

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