Smart cookie

I’m not normally a cookie person.

But Girl Scout Cookies?  That’s a different matter altogether.

Their Thin Mint and Caramel deLite cookies are such melt-in-your-mouth masterpieces that even I, an avowed ‘salty snack’ gal, get all aflutter when Girl Scout Cookie time rolls around.

But I no longer work in an office setting — with parents peskily pushing their child’s wares — so I often miss the annual sales drive.  Lucky for me this year, AOL promoted the organization on their homepage.  But those darn Girl Scouts still make you buy them from a local council.

Or do they?

I’ve found the loophole, folks.

While their sales techniques are a bit archaic, the Girls Scouts’ website is up-to-date (even has a Flash animation of all the cookies — fancy).  If you click down deep enough, you’ll find an online order form that you can use IF you’re willing to spring for more than 12 boxes of cookies (and live in one of the five boroughs of New York City).

Twelve measly boxes?  Child’s play.

So, gather ye friends and neighbors and place your orders, folks.  There be cookies awaitin’.

One response to “Smart cookie

  1. Keebler makes a “Samoa”. I know this. I’ve consumed enough of them to warrant a therapy group for consumers of mass Samoa cookies.

    Thanks for reminding me. *adding Keebler Samoa’s to shopping list*

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