Star seach

What’s your sign?

Not so easy to answer these days, is it?

Scientists say the constellations have shifted position in the night sky, which means our astrological signs may have moved by as much as a month.  People who have thought themselves Pisces their whole lives are now Aries.  Aries now Taurus.  These scientists are even trying to insert a new 13th sign into the mix — a freaky one called “Ophiuchus,” the snake bearer.

Well.  That sounds like…fun.

Astrologers say to ignore all the hoopla.  Apparently Western astrology isn’t based on the constellations; it’s based on the four seasons, and they don’t change.  So the 12 signs should remain as is, regardless of whether the stars have moved or not.  In fact, they ding FOX News for picking up the story and confusing the facts in the first place.


Me?  I’m more a fan of the Chinese zodiac and their 12-year calendar of animal signs.  I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, a very lucky sign which bestows all kinds of positive traits on its children.

Graciousness.  Good manners.  Sound counsel.  Kindness.  Sensitivity to beauty. Soft speech.  Grace.

Well, I got some of those.

(Remember, I’m a sticky egg.  We are lucky to get hand-me-downs.)

3 responses to “Star seach

  1. I was also born in the year of the rabbit.

    I am sooo looking forward to enjoying this year, I will be collecting bunnies for all of 2011 (I am celebrating early)

  2. Not to sound too much like Andy Rooney but……..Its true that the constellations have shifted somewhat over thousands of years but constellations are really only a group of stars that someone sometime a long time ago said looked like something. It is recorded that Libra was arbitrarily carved out of an extremely large constellation called Virgo-Scorpio after our Ancient Wisdom Sister planet Venus arrived in our Solar System many thousands of years ago…..The ancients did have a tradition of honoring celestial visitors. There have been many zodiacs across the ages…..Then theres the issue that the constellations do not uniformly occupy 30 degrees each in nice neat compartments.

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