Yesterday a friend’s status on Facebook proudly trumpeted:

Snap, ya’ll — It’s Friday!

Snap yea!

I love the word ‘snap.’  I love the way it sounds.  I love the attitude those four little letters convey.  I love the fact it can be used in polite company…even if you mean it in a rude way.

I love the fact that ‘snap’ has a fun gesture associated with it.  You can snap once.  You can snap three times.  It just depends on how much ‘tude your snap is packing.

I think ‘snap’ has the potential to replace a certain other more offensive four-letter word that can’t be used all the time.  Not in front of your kids.  Or your mother.  Or on television.  But it can mean the same thing.

Snap you.  Snap off.  Snapping A!

‘Snap’ is versatile.  It has personality.  It can be packed with whatever emotion you bring to your snap.

I even created a Facebook page dedicated to the ‘snap.’   Put your fingers together and like it!

Do the ‘snap!’

3 responses to “SNAP

  1. SO gangsta!

  2. Don’t forget about SNIP. Snip Snap has even more oomph if you wave your hand while u click.

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