I attended college at the height of the preppy nightmare.

Button down Oxford cloth shirts were the uniform.  Argyle sweaters.  Cuffed chinos and those ridiculous panel pants.  Madras plaid everywhere.  And boat shoes worn sans socks come rain or shine.

While I was still in high school, Lisa Birnbach edited The Official Preppy Handbook, a guide to what she termed “prepdom.”  She was being tongue-in-cheek, but I fear my generation took it as gospel.

I was never a fan.

Today a company called Rover on Etsy is resurrecting this fashion nightmare amongst the canine set — prepping out our puppies!

They must be stopped.

No dog should be subjected to wearing madras plaid and a bow tie.  Does this getup offer warmth?  Freedom of movement?


I think not.

(Plus, few canines are allowed in establishments that require such formal dress.)

The same goes for this poor pup.  He’s outfitted for an office job on Wall Street, which I sincerely doubt he has.

Come on, people — treat your canine friend with a little respect!  Don’t make him wear a tie if he doesn’t have to (especially madras plaid).

Rover co-founder AnneMarie describes her line of doggie wear as “durable and well-designed clothing for dogs of all sizes and breeds.”


‘Prepdom’ strikes again.


3 responses to “Woof

  1. How stupid do they look? Stupid, really stupid.

    I suppose someone will come up with a little tote with a BMW logo on it as well.

  2. My 2 Labs are canine ladies who run around naked and roll in ripe cow pies. They’re dogs with a big D, no bones about it. 🙂

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