Duck and cover

Can you quack like a duck?

Then Gilbert Gottfried’s loss may be your gain.

After the comedian’s insensitive tweets about the Japan earthquake and tsunami, Gottfried was dismissed by insurance giant Aflac as the voice of their iconic duck.

The company has said a nationwide search will be held in the near future for a new ‘quacker,’ but no dates have yet been announced.

That hasn’t stopped folks from getting their ducks in a row — sorry, couldn’t resist — and uploading their audition videos on Youtube.  America Online is further encouraging the practice by promising to have a professional voiceover agent review any videos tagged “aol jobs aflac video” and posting their favorites.

Quack me up.

Personally, I think Aflac is going to have to find a pretty perfect match to Gottfried’s distinctive squawk, or the switcheroo will just be a distraction. Everyone is aware of the circumstances and the timing, and folks are going to be listening and comparing and critiquing and no doubt finding fault…

Even if there’s none on the bill.

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