Ode to sugar

Do you remember Super Golden Crisp cereal?

Gerry Matthews was the voice of Sugar Bear, who always sounded like Dean Martin to me.  (I think that was the point.)

Alas, Super Golden Crisp is no more.  Neither is Berry Berry Kix.  Or Cabbage Patch Kids cereal, E.T. cereal or New Kids on the Block cereal.

Even Smurf Berry Crunch is long gone, although the upcoming live-action movie may give it new life.  (Hope the rub-on tats come back, too!)

Commercials in Saturday morning cartoons made us simply have to have each and every one of them…for a little while, at least.

And now they’re gone.

Enjoy this online tribute to 54 cereals we have loved and lost.

Which sugary classic do you miss the most?

Me?  I was always been a huge fan of Froot Loops.  And Frosted Flakes.  And Captain Crunch.  Sugary, sugary goodness that requires no milk — it’s an all-day treat in my book.

But, alas, while my favorites are still available on the shelf, I pass them over (most of the time) for more healthy choices.

Bran. Whole grains.  Sucks being a grownup.

At least we can still enjoy the cartoons…am I right?

5 responses to “Ode to sugar

  1. You might be too young to remember this, but Super Golden Crisp used to be called Super Sugar Crisp. Today’s Corn Pops used to be Sugar Pops. There might be others who had Sugar dropped from their names for PR reasons. Me? I’m a former Cocoa Puffs gal gone Kashi.

  2. I heard (maybe it was a rumor) that Capt’n Crunch was also on the way out!
    I love the Capt’n!

    AND…..Rice Krispie Treat Cereal is no more. Love that too!

  3. Caroline Reece

    We are just old and yearning for nostalgia. While you can’t find Smurfs and Sugar Crisp anymore, did you know there has been High School Musical cereal? You can also find Indiana Jones, Toy Story and various and sundry Princess cereals – anything that’s popular with kids. They are pretty much all the same flavor, just the shapes and the color sometimes change…no pink for Indy. You need to either get with the times or start campaigning to Kelloggs to broaden their boxes and include Modern Family Flakes, 30 Rock Rocks or Castle Crunch.

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