Poppin’ fresh

I’ve mentioned before in this space that my go-to breakfast every day before grade school was Pop-tarts… specifically, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-tarts.

No frosting — just pure cinnamon sugary goodness with a cold glass of milk.

The breakfast of champions.

Of course, that was back when most Pop-tarts weren’t frosted.  When they weren’t bright, noxious colors with swirls and rainbow sprinkles.  When they still looked like breakfast pastries, not Play-Doh experiments.

They were just as bad for you — they just looked a whole lot better.

If you also prefer Pop-tarts ‘au natural’, have trouble finding them on your grocer’s shelf, AND aren’t scared to turn on your oven, you’re in luck!

I found a recipe for making Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-tarts from scratch. (And they sound pretty darn good.)

All you need is about 90 minutes, a pizza cutter and a pastry brush.  The ingredients and instructions seem pretty simple, too.

Take a look at the final product — nice, huh?

You’ll notice the recipe includes instructions for a glaze. No doubt a nod to the frosted youth among us.

Oh well…at least it’s a color found in nature!


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