Ah, relief

I have just figured out why people who watch Rachael Ray a lot love her…and people who don’t often find her irritating.

Olive oil

Turns out olive oil is a natural painkiller,with a potency similar to that of ibuprofen.

So the folks that watch Rachael on a regular basis — and logic would suggest follow her recipes and use a lot of olive oil themselves — have natural protection against the things about Rachael that drive occasional viewers batty (her voice, her mannerisms, her little catch phrases, etc.).

If you have avoided the whole Rachael Ray phenomenon, Rachael puts olive oil in and on everything. I attribute this practice to the time spent in her mother’s restaurants.  Everyone cooks like their mother to some extent, and Rachael is simply carrying the family tradition forward.

Rachael calls it EVOO — Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  In fact, she has said EVOO so much, they added the term to the dictionary.

Do you find that charming?  Or a crime perpetuated against the English language?  Probably depends on whether or not you’re a fan.

But EVOO is helping her maintain her audience —

An audience pleasantly numbed by oil.

Rachael haters, I hope this info helps take the edge off.

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