While doing my morning Twitter check, an avatar caught my eye.

Not only was it someone I don’t usually follow — their post had been re-tweeted — but it was a yellow rubber duckie.

I love rubber duckies.

They’re cute and sunny and silly and playful.  I kinda wished for a second that my avatar was a rubber duckie (instead of of an egg with a crooked grin).

Funny thing — I’ve never owned a rubber duckie.  We all know Ernie on Sesame Street had one; he used to sing to it.  And Queen Elizabeth II was rumored to have one in her bathroom that wore a crown.  (A workman saw it when he was doing some painting and told a tabloid, of course.)

There’s even a Guinness World Record for Largest Rubber Duckie Collection — 2,583 unique rubber ducks, awarded to Charlotte Lee in 2007.

Greedy woman.  She’s got my duck.

2 responses to “Quack

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    As an Oregon Duck, this post title caught my eye. I actually have a little hippie rubber ducky on the right side of my work monitor, to remind me where I came from. 🙂

    I can’t find the exact duck, but it turns out the University of Oregon offers many alternatives:

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