I don’t much like car trips.

So I recognize the irony in my spending money to see the British film, The Trip.

(What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a trailer that makes me laugh aloud…and that features food prominently.)

Actors and good friends Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, who play themselves in the film, take a driving tour of restaurants to write a food piece for The Observer.  The movie chronicles their week-long journey through the English countryside.

The very funny trailer focused on their dinner conversations.  Both do impressions, and both are highly competitive. Watching them ‘do’ Michael Caine and Sean Connery — and then critique each other mercilessly — is pretty fricking hilarious.

They don’t stare out the windows while they are in the car, either.  There is much singing and acting and impressions and insults.  They trash each other’s careers — and a few other actors, too — and even stop to admire the scenery along the way.

The quiet moments of contemplation are perhaps the most disconcerting thing about the film.  Sure, ‘all clowns are crying inside,’ but do we really want to see that?

Not in the middle of dinner, no.  Do Michael Caine again.


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