Stack this

Are you a ‘sweet’ or a ‘salty?’

I’m a salty. I can easily give cakes and cookies a pass, but I find the siren song of salty snacks hard to ignore.

This post, though, is for you sweets out there…because I think this cookie is sharp.

Now, you all know Oreos. (Heck, I’ve even eaten a few hundred in my time.) The newest version is the Oreo Triple Double.

It’s a regular Oreo with an added layer of cream (this one chocolate-flavored) and a third chocolate wafer.

I’m sure it’s chocolate-y enough to kill us all, but more importantly…

Isn’t it pretty?

I personally think they went with the chocolate-flavored creme on the bottom because the color palette looks sophisticated. Imagine that — they have managed to make a mass market cookie look kinda high end.

And while I was looking for pictures of this Oreo, I found another new creation…












The Oreo Wedding Cake

It’s really just a big stack of Oreo’s arranged to look like a cake, but people are serving it at their weddings. While you should probably involve a professional on your big day, I think you could pull this off for fun (and enjoy eating any cookies that crumble in the process).

How about an Oreo Triple Double Cake at your wedding?

Tres chic!

8 responses to “Stack this

  1. Oooooh, my wife is lucky I hadn’t heard of this before we got married! Are those Golden Oreos on the lower right, or is it a trick of the light?

  2. Dan Bain ought to enjoy this: we attended a wedding in Raleigh where the cake was made of Krispy Kreme donuts.

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