Just in cases

Here in New York City, we’re awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

The calm before the storm and all that.

Today is also Just Because Day, the one day of the year we’re encouraged to do something that might appear to have no reason or logic to others.

(Wow — I’ve been celebrating daily for years.)

Some folks on Facebook think people who remain in their homes in the path of Irene are taking the holiday a bit too seriously.

Now, if I lived in an evacuation zone, I would be gone in an instant.  But I don’t.  So I’m staying…because it’s home.  I’ve been out-of-town for the past week, and home is comfortable and reassuring and the only place I want to be.

I’ve got food and water and batteries and my dog.  I’ve got books and magazines if — say it isn’t so — the electricity goes out and I can’t watch HBO OnDemand.

Heck, I’m acting too sane for Just Because Day.

Gotta work on that.

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