Terrible twos

Those pesky Winklevii are at it again.

Or is it ‘pouting?’

The courts awarded the pair a cash and stock settlement in their 2008 lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  Then The Social Network made ‘Winklevoss’ a household name.

Now they’ve taken their grievances to the public as spokespersons for Wonderful Pistachios.

So classy.  They’ve even sued Zuckerberg a second time.

When are these two gonna give it a rest?  As Aaron Sorkin penned so eloquently in his Oscar-winning script:

“If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you would have invented Facebook.

And let’s face it — actor Arnie Hammer, who portrayed both twins in the movie, is way better looking than the real Winklevii.

Should have stayed off television, boys.  You were a far better looking pair of pricks on film.


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