No deal

I was catching up on my DVR backlog the other night and caught the end of a commercial for term life insurance targeted at seniors.

As an incentive, the company is offering all applicants — get ready — a deck of large print playing cards absolutely FREE!


At retail, a deck of cards costs between $2-3, and the insurance company is no doubt getting a volume discount.

What happened to the good old days when customers were plied with, at the very least, home appliances?  Heck, a cheap toaster is only $12.  Isn’t an long-term insurance contract worth that much?

And cost aside, are playing cards even — excuse the pun — a draw?  They caught my eye because they were so cheap…but will folks in the target market pick up the phone just to play solitaire?

But then again, it was enough to inspire me to go on and on for this long.  So maybe Granny has already gone ‘all in.’

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