If the shoe fits

Businesses of the world:

If you pride yourself on providing outstanding customer service, prepare to be schooled.

A company in China that manufactures custom-fit slippers didn’t even blink when customer Todd Boddingham ordered a special slipper to fit his over-sized left foot.

Perhaps if they had, they would have read his instructions more clearly.

Todd requested a size 13 right slipper and a size 14.50 left slipper.  But the Chinese company — eager to please and not to question, it appears — mistook the special order to read a size 1450.

That’s a seven-foot long slipper, people.  And that’s what they manufactured and shipped.

Now, you could ding their product fulfillment…their communication, too.  But you can’t deny their commitment to give the customer exactly what they thought he wanted.

Can your company fill those shoes?


2 responses to “If the shoe fits

  1. Whoa…….incredible!
    Can only imagine what they imagined the customer looked like!

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