Sticky treat

This is the third one we’ve celebrated together since I launched The Sticky Egg, so I think we know each other well enough to go trick-or-treatin.’

Here’s the trick:

The Egg has its own Facebook page now. Perhaps you’ve noticed the over-sized “Like” button at the upper right corner of the page.

Subtle, I know.

But The Egg needs your “Like’s” to make the page legit.  And I appreciate your support, if the feeling moves you.

In fact, in the true spirit of Halloween, I’m giving treats — actual sticky eggs, the toy everyone’s talking about — to 100 lucky “Likers” chosen at random.

(Hope I get that many.)

So speed right over to my Facebook page and do your thing.  I’ll message the winners for mailing details.

They are sticky, icky fun — just like Halloween!


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