Pet owners.  We love our animals.

And companies know they can sell us just about anything. recently put together a collection of some of the stupidest pet products on the market.  I can’t disagree with the editors on most of ’em.  They are ridiculous.


I have to stand up for one of them…mainly because the product in question is less ridiculous for pets than it is for its original human intent.

Kitty Croc Bed

The croc shoe has been super-sized and turned into a bed for cats.  HuffPost argues it is far stupider looking in this iteration.

I disagree.

Croc shoes are ugly.  They may be the most comfortable shoe on the planet — but there’s not a foot in the world that doesn’t look stupid in them.

Sorry, Mario.

I think making the croc huge and putting a kitten inside is the best thing that ever happened to the shoe.  Dare I say…



6 responses to “Meow

  1. I’d buy this (if I had a cat).

  2. Amen. Amen. Amen. I’ve always said Crocs are among four things you’ll never see me wear. That said, I have a hot pink croc on my key chain, which makes my keys a cinch to find in a dark purse. Now I know there are two good uses for those hideous things. Great post.

  3. nothing cutens something more than a kitten. Even ugly croc shoes.

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