On my way to the subway last night, I overheard a snippet of conversation as two girls walked by:

“…so then I threw it all up, and I have never eaten it again.”

Man.  I guess we all have one of those stories. Mine happened when I was 13 years old.

After a morning of shopping, my mom and I got chili dogs at the Midtown Drive-In in Mayfield, Kentucky.  They were a favorite.


On the way home, I started feeling not-so-good.  Bad, actually.  And I told my mom, who was driving the car, that we needed to pull over.  NOW.  Her response?

“Hold on.  We’re almost there.”

How does one “hold on” when you getting ready to throw up?  I don’t know now, and I certainly didn’t know then.  My clothes and her car upholstery suffered as a result.

And I’ve never eaten a chili dog since.

So…have you sworn off a food that turned on you?  Share your story in the comments section.

And enjoy your lunch!


6 responses to “Burned

  1. Milkshakes. Never again. My senior year of high school I got my old favorite – banana milkshake from Bob’s Drive-In in Lone Oak. Sicker than a dog for the next 24 hours. Haven’t touched a milkshake since. And won’t, ever.

  2. Kelly Brengelman

    Yup. When I was about 5 or 6, I decided I wanted to make a root beer float, only we ddn’t have any ice cream. We did have some cool whip, so I used that instead and mixed a huge dallop up with the root beer … Ugh! Made me sooooo sick. I couldn’t even look at root beer for years. Tried Iit again later in high school, and it was fine. Curiously enough, I was never turned off by cool whip or whipped cream. Must have been because the recipe was “root beer float,” and my mind was set that the root beer was the culprit. Ha!

  3. Just last night, in the elegant setting of the Kennedy Center, waiting for a performance to begin, four friends and I somehow got on this very–and most untidy–subject. One slight difference was, what foods had you eaten before getting sick, which weren’t necessarily the culprits, but which you would never eat again. Once I got a hold of a bad crab cake, after which I ate several Girl Scouts Thin Mints. I’ve eaten countless crab cakes since, but nary another Thin Mint.

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