4 out of 5 doctors

I’m winging my way to Atlanta today, and will be occupying my usual aisle seat.

Only this time, it will be doctor recommended.

The American College of Chest Physicians released new guidelines that suggest sitting in a window seat is a risk factor for DVT (deep vein thrombosis), dangerous blood clots that can develop in your legs on long plane flights.

People who sit in window seats have the potential to move less than those who sit in the aisle.  And it’s really the lack of movement that raises your risk factor for DVT, not your seat.

Now, I sit in aisle seats whenever I can simply because I don’t like to be closed in.  And in my experience, passengers in the window seat have no problem asking me to get up and let them out. Repeatedly.  Several times a flight.  It’s like the people with bladder issues choose the window seat.

On purpose.

So I think they’ll be fine.  And I will, too.  Because they’re there to keep me on the move.

Thanks loads.


2 responses to “4 out of 5 doctors

  1. But you have to weight that up with the view you’re missing out on.

  2. Good idea – Just be wary of those carts!

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